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By: Z. Tom, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Clinical Director, Mercer University School of Medicine

Evidence suggests that fibrin glue may result in lower risk of recurrence and lesser operating time than sutures for fixing the conjunctival graft during pterygium surgery symptoms rectal cancer discount prothiaden 75 mg without a prescription. Fibrin glue versus sutures for conjunctival autografting in primary pterygium surgery medications via g tube generic prothiaden 75mg otc. Questions in the exam therefore are unlikely to focus on specific genes for Peters anomaly treatment rheumatoid arthritis discount 75 mg prothiaden with visa. Answer: C this is a complex scenario and is not without some controversies medications diabetes discount prothiaden express, but raises the importance of understanding implications of medicines on the pregnant patient and the developing fetus. There is some varied clinical practice, but for the purposes of the exam, brimonidine is the safest medication during pregnancy. Importantly post-partum this should be stopped if the intention is to breastfeed, as it passed to the milk and can cause respiratory depression in the newborn. Prostaglandin is probably the least safe, as it is similar to the hormones that stimulate uterine contractions and has been shown to induce miscarriage in animals. Answer: A this is the main cause though the new vessels themselves cause some degree of mechanical blockage of the trabecular meshwork. Option C is incorrect as there are no specific inflammatory particles that are produced; however, there is often some level of anterior segment inflammation. There is no known glaucoma that occurs from overproduction of aqueous humour, although certain medications can increase the production to varying degrees. Trabeculectomy success rates are similar to that of primary open angle glaucoma, but with reported increased rates of hypotony maculopathy. There may also be evidence of pseudoexfoliative materials in the anterior segment. If you see a patient with occludable or narrow but visibly pigmented angles, the diagnosis is likely to be different (e. The Cataract National Dataset electronic multicentre audit of 55,567 operations: when should optical biometric measurements be rechecked Answer: A Microspherophakia is the clinical term for a small, spherical lens but no criteria are used to determine specific size or curvature. It is associated with an increased risk of acute or chronic angle closure glaucoma. A clinical triad of acute angle closure, shallow anterior chamber, and myopia is highly suggestive of microspherophakia. Answer: A Gold and chlorpromazine are also known to cause inconsequential lens opacities. Medication induced posterior subcapsular lenticular opacities are commonly seen in patients with long-term systemic or topical steroid use. Vossius ring is an anterior lens opacity, caused by compression of the iris onto the anterior lens surface due to blunt trauma. Visual functions and adverse ocular effects in patients with amiodarone medication. Answer: C Unilateral cataract causes higher risk of amblyopia than bilateral cataract. As a general guide unilateral cataract should be operated on prior to 6 weeks to avoid amblyopia, and bilateral cataract within 0 weeks. As the structures of the eye are much more pliable in younger patients, leaving the corneal wound unsutured will result in higher amount of astigmatism. Answer: C Proliferative vitreoretinopathy remains the leading cause for retinal re-detachment and can result in poor visual outcomes. The aim of revision surgery is to relieve the underlying retinal traction (either by peeling the membrane off or by using a relieving retinectomy). Silicone oil endotamponade is the most likely choice in a patient with Grade C proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Perfluoropropane (C3F8) is shown to be similarly effective as silicone oil in terms of achieving at least 5/200 vision and macular attachment at a minimum of one year. Perfluorocarbon can be used as a shortacting endotamponade (usually in the management of giant retinal tears with associated retinal detachment).

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Benign tumors grow at the site of origin; do not invade adjacent tissues or metastasize; and generally are treatable symptoms 9dp5dt purchase 75 mg prothiaden otc. Malignant tumors (cancer) invade adjacent tissues or migrate to distant sites (metastasis) medications zofran best prothiaden 75mg. Developmental Toxicity Developmental Toxicity pertains to adverse toxic effects to the developing embryo or fetus medicine journey prothiaden 75 mg overnight delivery. This can result from toxicant exposure to either parent before conception or to the mother and her developing embryo-fetus medicine bag order 75 mg prothiaden with visa. Genetic Toxicity (somatic cells) Chemicals cause developmental toxicity by two methods. They can act directly on cells of the embryo causing cell death or cell damage, leading to abnormal organ development. The genetic change is referred to as a mutation and the agent causing the change as a mutagen. There are three types of genetic change: If the mutation occurs in a germ cell the effect is heritable. There is no effect on the exposed person; rather the effect is passed on to future generations. Types of organ specific toxic effects are: Blood and Cardiovascular Toxicity results from xenobiotics acting directly on cells in circulating blood, bone marrow, and heart. Examples of blood and cardiovascular toxicity are: hypoxia due to carbon monoxide binding of hemoglobin preventing transport of oxygen decrease in circulating leukocytes due to chloramphenicol damage to bone marrow cells leukemia due to benzene damage of bone marrow cells Dermal Toxicity may result from direct contact or internal distribution to the skin. Effects range from mild irritation to severe changes, such as corrosivity, hypersensitivity, and skin cancer. Thus, conjunctivitis and corneal erosion may be observed following occupational exposure to chemicals. Chemicals in the circulatory system can distribute to the eye and cause corneal opacity, cataracts, retinal and optic nerve damage. For example: Acids and strong alkalis may cause severe corneal corrosion Corticosteroids may cause cataracts Methanol (wood alcohol) may damage the optic nerve Hepatotoxicity is toxicity to the liver, bile duct, and gall bladder. The liver is particularly susceptible to xenobiotics due to a large blood supply and its role in metabolism. It can take several forms: hypersensitivity (allergy and autoimmunity), immunodeficiency, and uncontrolled proliferation (leukemia and lymphoma). The normal function of the immune system is to recognize and defend against foreign invaders. This is accomplished by production of cells that engulf and destroy the 141 Occupational Health and Safety invaders or by antibodies that inactivate foreign material. Examples are: immunosuppression by cocaine Nephrotoxicity the kidney is highly susceptible to toxicants for two reasons. A high volume of blood flows through it and it filtrates large amounts of toxins which can concentrate in the kidney tubules. The primary types of neurotoxicity are: neuronopathies (neuron injury) axonopathies (axon injury) demyelination (loss of axon insulation) interference with neurotransmission Reproductive Toxicity involves toxicant damage to either the male or female reproductive system. Toxic effects may cause: infertility interrupted pregnancy (abortion, fetal death, or premature delivery) infant death or childhood morbidity chromosome abnormalities and birth defects childhood cancer 142 Occupational Health and Safety Respiratory Toxicity relates to effects on the upper respiratory system (nose, pharynx, larynx, and trachea) and the lower respiratory system (bronchi, bronchioles, and lung alveoli). The primary types of respiratory toxicity are: pulmonary irritation asthma/bronchitis reactive airway disease emphysema allergic alveolitis Pneumoconiosis lung cancer 143 Occupational Health and Safety 4. Identify the magnitude of the problems due to occupational injuries, disorders and diseases. Explain the difference and types of occupational methods of disorder and diseases. Introduction It is difficult to estimate the number of workers involved in meeting the energy requirements of communities. As noted, in poor communities much of this work is carried out by family members, particularly women, who are not formally employed. In addition, much of this work is carried out by small industries that are not always recorded in national employment statistics.

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Organizational culture is a composite of values medications j tube order prothiaden master card, beliefs medications hyperthyroidism purchase prothiaden amex, practices medications dictionary order generic prothiaden canada, shared meanings medicine 100 years ago buy prothiaden 75mg, rituals and celebrations, and history of the organization that combine to make an organization unique. Schein states that the only thing of importance that leaders do is create and manage culture and the unique talent of leaders is their ability to understand and work within the culture. Schein, Organizational Culture and Leadership, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992. We can see the behavior that results, but often we cannot see the forces underneath that cause certain kinds of behavior. For example, if the behavior that is demonstrated by the leader(s) (which includes the Board and the management) is not geared toward achieving "excellence," the staff will soon quit striving to produce high quality services. Furthermore, what management emphasizes, rewards, and reprimands can tell the members of the organization what is really valued. The excellent leader will be one who creates an organizational culture or a value system centered upon principles of good management and leadership. The basic assumptions of how things work there, what is important, what is valued, and what differences exist between the values espoused and lived out by top management are all elements of organizational culture. It has been said that culture is the fine sand that can destroy the gears of change, gradually grinding to a halt any effort to make things better. A positive culture on the other hand becomes a competitive advantage that competitors cannot easily duplicate. All airlines basically do the same things, but somehow Southwest has created a climate (or culture) where from the pilot to the baggage handler, they simply seem to do it better. One reason for this neglect is the difficulty that most people have in recognizing their own organizational cultures and the impact it plays in fostering leadership opportunities. In reality, the culture defines the kind of leadership that is acceptable for the organization. Practices Consistent Discipline Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability. Merriam-Webster defines discipline as training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement. Leaders who have strong self-discipline tend to be well-organized, and they demonstrate willpower and determination in everything they do. When self-discipline is practiced by persisting in the face of difficulties, Vidula Bal and Laura Quinn, "The Missing Link: Organizational Culture and Leadership Development. A good example of the importance of self-discipline is Gary Player, one of the past great international golfers. Delivers results A leader establishes a track record of results and gets the right things done. For example, the higher the rank of the leader, the more people demand to see demonstrated abilities in such competencies as strategic planning and decision-making. However, before one can satisfactorily meet expectations, one must first know what they are. One of the biggest problems in relationships is the lack of understanding of expectations. Unclear or ambiguous expectations regarding desired results undermine communication and trust. They need to be discussed and validated as soon as possible in all relationships, and particularly in professional settings. It should never be assumed that expectations are clear to others or shared by others. The concept of "seek first to understand, then to be understood" is one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Sometimes it is good to be reminded that the people you work with are not mind readers.

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It would also create a growing database of available skills which medications information best 75 mg prothiaden, in turn medications 2 cheap prothiaden 75 mg without a prescription, could be passed on to others in the wider community on either a group or one-to-one basis medications diabetic neuropathy buy generic prothiaden canada. The Bristol Freeskilling evening takes place one evening each week (in other areas they have day long events medicine ball slams order prothiaden from india, whilst others o rganise it once a month). One person from the local group, knowledgeable and skilled in a certain field, comes along to a free and regular venue and spends anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours teaching others in the community how to do that skill. The venue hosts the evening for free, the member of the community teaches for free (and often gets a valuable lesson and experience in public speaking in the process), and the attendees get to come for free. No funding is needed, and everyone has the opportunity to learn, regardless of their financial status. The Bristol group, as well as many others, has been a huge success, and despite not having a penny of funding it continues to attract anywhere between twenty to two hundred attendees per week. It also attracts a diverse gro up of people and this inevitably leads to many friendships being made, strengthening the community and sometimes even resulting in further collaborative social projects being created by those who meet there. A friend of mine taught me the simple steps involved in making sourdough bread and gave me some starter culture to keep. This was three years ago and the culture lives on in my fridge, having spawned several offshoots for friends and fellow Freeconomists. It is a joy to teach such a simple process and watch people go away with a bit of starter that could live to see their grandchildren make their own bread. There is a sense of freedom in not having to use commercial yeasts, and a poetic beauty in working with wild fermentation as our ancestors did generations ago. You can make better bread than anything you see in the shops or supermarkets, and if you go skipping for flour, or grow and grind your own grain, it is totally free. For the sake of ease I recommend getting hold of a starter from someone, rather than making it yourself. Mix well together with a wooden ladle first, then squeeze it between your fingers for maximum mixing and enjoyment! Let the mix stand in a bowl for an hour or so at room temperature with a towel over it to keep flies and dust out. Whilst you wait, grease a bread tin with some butter and dust it lightly with flour. Take the bread mix out of the bowl, drizzle a bit of oil on the kitchen surface to prevent it sticking and fold the dough onto itself a few times. I usually set my dough in the evening and bake it the next morning when I wake up. If you have a wood-fired oven and are skilled in using it, then bake your bread as you would normally do the first time, then simply alter your technique as you experiment with this variety. If your loaf comes out a little too hard or soft, just adjust your temperature accordingly. If the loaf is slightly undercooked in the centre turn the temperature down a little and lengthen the time. Take the loaf out of the tin, let it sit on the counter with a kitchen towel over it to cool slowly. They show up for your next class as normal, both excited and nervous about the prospect of taking the stabiliser s off. This sounds like an absurd way to run an education system, and i t is, but it is exactly the way education works in many countries. The Khan Academy works on a completely different understanding of what education is about. It allows students to master one t hing before moving on to more difficult aspects of it. Used in conjunction with home schooling, children could develop a t a rate they enjoy, and not one that is stressful and unhelpful to them.