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By: K. Rocko, M.A., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, Homer G. Phillips College of Osteopathic Medicine

Women should not be constrained in freely making personal decisions on when to have sex erectile dysfunction treatment after radical prostatectomy purchase kamagra gold 100 mg with visa, with whom erectile dysfunction treatment by acupuncture purchase 100 mg kamagra gold with visa, how frequently and with or without protective devices erectile dysfunction treatment new york purchase kamagra gold pills in toronto. This requires boldness in terms of policies and/or laws that boldly address the subordinate roles of women in sexual matters insulin pump erectile dysfunction kamagra gold 100 mg without a prescription. Similarly, policies that reinforce the ability of women to own property and resources that enable them to generate income, earn a living and be self-reliant are long overdue in Swaziland. In the Swazi culture, married women are treated as minors who are subject to the leadership of their husbands. Men are expected to initiate relationships between males and females, including sex. It is culturally expected and more acceptable for men to engage in a relationship of a sexual nature with a much younger female companion than is the case for women. The role of providing social services in families and the community at large within the Swazi culture falls under the responsibility and domain of women. Men tend to be responsible for generating family assets, providing shelter and security and giving political leadership in family and community settings. Women appear to have naturally extended their cultural responsibilities into the national response, whereas men have not. Because of this default arrangement, women carry the bigger burden of the response. The overwhelming needs of the response and the fact that women are also suffering from the effects of the pandemic, makes the situation quite challenging. Men are not making a full contribution to the national response, as is culturally expected of them. To address this shortcoming it is necessary for the country to think seriously of a domestic relations bill that redefines the roles and relationships between adults in marriages and other sexual unions. This is because most of the children in this age group are not yet sexually active. Being pre-adolescents, they are at a stage where it is relatively easy to inculcate values, appropriate practices and skills that encourage abstinence before marriage and fidelity once they are married. Furthermore, these children are either in schools being empowered for self-actualisation and reliance for personal development or they are at home, receiving parental guidance. It is therefore important for the government to establish appropriate policies and regulations in child protection to curb the effects and impacts of sexual and other abuses by adults. Ten years later in 2004, when they had reached the age group of 25-29, the prevalence rates among the members of this cohort had soared to 56,3%. Once again, this calls for action from government and cultural leaders to enable adolescents and young people to get back to school, practise abstinence and use condoms. In the meantime, the implementation of the policy of making condoms easily available to people who need them should be closely monitored. If they did survive, they will most likely infect their sexual partners in the future. Out of the 90% who tested, only 39,5% received counselling and 52,1% of the women who tested positive received antiretroviral treatment. One of the reasons for the low level of response is that men do not always support their spouses in this intervention. In Swaziland circumcision used to be a cultural practice (Government of Swaziland, 2006). On a scientific level, male circumcision is also known to eliminate other health conditions, such as phimosis, paraphimosis and balanitis. At the same time it reduces the likelihood of urinary tract infections and cancer of the penis or cervix. There are a number of challenges and issues that need to be addressed before an appropriate policy on circumcision can be formulated. The latter may prove more difficult: As counselling is usually a relatively long and time-consuming undertaking, it requires more time from the conventional health staff. This measure would help protect the non-infected from the infected who deliberately want to spread the virus. It is only logical that if each person living with the virus is responsible and lives positively, new infections can be averted. Programme development and implementation: Provision of knowledge and skills and participation in the choice, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects. In the Swazi culture a household member who becomes sick is encouraged and supported to seek medical treatment.

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Treatment of acute attacks of ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease Acute attacks of mild to moderate severity affecting the rectum (proctitis) or the rectosigmoid (distal colitis) require local treatment with a corticosteroid (such as hydrocortisone) or an aminosalicylate (such as sulfasalazine) encore vacuum pump erectile dysfunction generic 100mg kamagra gold with mastercard. More extensive disease gas station erectile dysfunction pills order kamagra gold canada, or disease that is not responsive to local treatment erectile dysfunction nclex questions buy discount kamagra gold on line, requires oral therapy; an oral aminosalicylate alone can sometimes be used in mild disease affecting the colon but addition of an oral corticosteroid for 4­8 weeks is usually necessary erectile dysfunction with age purchase kamagra gold discount. Because of the risk of intestinal perforation, rectal forms of hydrocortisone must be used with extreme caution in patients with severe ulcerative disease and should not be given to such patients without conducting a thorough proctological examination. Severe extensive or fulminant disease needs hospital admission and intravenous corticosteroid administration; other therapy may include intravenous fluid and electrolyte replacement, blood transfusion, and possibly parenteral nutrition and antibacterials. Other antibacterials should be given if specifically indicated (for example, in sepsis associated with fistulas and perianal disease) and for managing bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel. Immunosuppressant drugs can be useful in patients with chronically active disease, particularly in patients unresponsive to corticosteroids or those with corticosteroid-dependent disease. Gastrointestinal medicines Maintenance of remission Sulfasalazine is most effective in the maintanance of remission of ulcerative colitis, but it is not so useful in Crohn disease. Corticosteroids are not suitable for maintenance of remission because of their adverse effects. In resistant or frequently relapsing cases of inflammatory bowel disease, azathioprine, 2­2. Methotrexate, 15 mg weekly, is sometimes used to maintain remission in Crohn disease. Additional treatments Laxatives are required to facilitate bowel movement when proctitis is present. Irritable bowel syndrome during remission of ulcerative colitis requires avoidance of a highfibre diet and possibly treatment with an antispasmodic. Hydrocortisone retention enema is a representative rectal corticosteroid preparation (excluding suppositories). Contraindications: bowel obstruction, bowel perforation, or extensive fistulas (enemas); untreated infections. Precautions: proctological examination required before treatment; systemic absorption may occur (see section 18. Adverse effects: local pain or burning sensation; rectal bleeding reported (with use of enema); exacerbation of untreated infections; suppositories may stain fabrics; for adverse effects associated with long-term corticosteroid treatment, see section 18. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to salicylates or sulfonamides; child under 2 years; porphyria; intestinal or urinary obstruction; severe renal impairment. Patients should be advised to report any unexplained bleeding, bruising, purpura, sore throat, fever or malaise occurring during treatment; blood count should be performed and sulfasalazine stopped immediately if there is suspicion or evidence of blood disorder. Adverse effects: nausea, headache, exacerbation of colitis; diarrhoea, loss of appetite, fever, blood disorders (including Heinz body anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia, leukopenia, neutropenia, and thrombocytopenia); hypersensitivity reactions (including rash, urticaria, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (erythema multiforme), exfoliative dermatitis, epidermal necrolysis, pruritus, photosensitization, anaphylaxis, serum sickness, interstitial nephritis, and lupus erythematosus-like syndrome); lung complications (including eosinophilia and fibrosing alveolitis); ocular complications (including periorbital oedema); stomatitis, parotitis; ataxia, aseptic meningitis, vertigo, tinnitus, alopecia, peripheral neuropathy, insomnia, depression, hallucinations; renal effects (including proteinuria, crystalluria, and haematuria); oligospermia; rarely acute pancreatitis, hepatitis; urine may be coloured orange; some soft contact lenses may be stained. Before prescribing laxatives, it is important to be sure that the patient is constipated and that the constipation is not secondary to an underlying undiagnosed complaint. It is also important that the patient understands that bowel habit can vary considerably in frequency without doing harm. For example, some people consider themselves constipated if they do not have a bowel movement each day. Laxatives should generally be avoided except where straining will exacerbate a condition such as angina or increase the risk of rectal bleeding, as in haemorrhoids. Laxatives are of value in drug-induced constipation, for the expulsion of parasites after anthelminthic treatment (section 6. Gastrointestinal medicines faeces and osmotic laxatives which act by retaining fluid in the bowel by osmosis. Bowel cleansing solutions are used before colonic surgery, colonoscopy, or radiological examination to ensure that the bowel is free of solid contents; they are not a treatment for constipation. Contraindications: intestinal obstruction; undiagnosed abdominal symptoms Precautions: avoid prolonged use unless indication for prevention of faecal impaction; breastfeeding (Appendix 3). Adverse effects: abdominal discomfort; hypokalaemia (with prolonged use or overdosage). Assessment and correction of dehydration and electrolyte disturbance is the priority in all cases of acute diarrhoea. A mild malabsorption syndrome, tropical enteropathy, is apparent in most healthy indigenous populations of tropical countries. However the majority of cases of chronic diarrhoea have non-infectious causes including glutensensitivity, inherited metabolic disorders or inflammatory bowel disease.

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Sweet things should be taken first erectile dysfunction treatment philadelphia kamagra gold 100 mg for sale, salt and acid substances next; and pungent erectile dysfunction ear buy kamagra gold with mastercard, bitter and astringent things at the end erectile dysfunction drugs stendra buy kamagra gold online from canada. Pomegranates hard pills erectile dysfunction kamagra gold 100mg low price, sugarcane and similar things should be eaten first and never at the end of dinner. Take hard substances in the beginning, soft things in the middle and the liquids towards the end of the meal. Food, cohabitation, sleep, studying and walking in the street should not be indulged in at sunset. Food, evacuation of the bowels, cohabitation, sleep, taking medicine, interview with great persons should be done when the breath is passing through the right nostril. Recite the names of the five happy sleepers namely Agastya, Astika, Kapila, Madhava and Muchukunda, when you retire to bed. Sexual Health Sexual intercourse is prohibited for the first four days after the appearance of the menses, as well as on the 8th, 14th, and 15th days of fortnights (light and dark), on the anniversary days of dead parents, Sankranti, in the daytime, at midnight and during an eclipse. Sushruta is of opinion that the carnal desires may be gratified at the interval of a fortnight. He who has eaten a heavy meal, who is hungry, thirsty, who is pressed with the calls of nature, should not indulge in sexual intercourse. You will be free from the effects of old age and such diseases as piles, headache, shooting pain, bilious diseases, inflammations, constipation. Recite the names of Aswatthama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripa, Parasurama and Markandeya, who are Chiranjeevis. Some habits, perfectly suitable for a cold country like England, become meaningless or even harmful when adopted thoughtlessly in a tropical country like ours. With the regaining of the political independence, we should also shake off the mental slavishness and turn once more with pride to our ancient customs, based on an accurate and intimate knowledge of the country and the people for whom they were framed. In this article I shall take up only such customs that have a direct bearing on the health of an individual. Ancient India realised that soil is more important than seed and hence laid a good deal of stress on positive health. Ayurveda, in an elementary form was one of the compulsory subjects taught in the schools. Therefore these rules of hygiene were known to everyone and the more important ones actually attained the status of religious customs and were regularly and universally practised. We would do well to go back to this routine in all schools and as many offices as possible. But now the toothbrushes have helped to bring pyorrhoea and caries to almost to every house in India. Good deal of attention has to be paid to keep a toothbrush free of germs and probably not 10% of the users do this. Toothpastes may be good substitutes for the natural medicinal juices present in the twigs but a toothbrush, however well-fashioned can never clean each individual tooth and interspace as thoroughly and gently as a toothstick can. If fresh twigs are not available, dry ones may be used after soaking it in water for at least 12 hours. His throat will never be parched nor is there any fear of the lips getting chapped. But alas, the present day table manners and the present day bustle of life, have almost banished this good habit. It must however be applied only at night as the eyes must not be exposed to the rays of the sun immediately afterwards. Their eyes have a beautiful lustre and their eyesight too is better than that of non-users. Physical Culture "Strength is the foundation of health: hence promote it by all the means at your command. And yet it was not practised indiscriminately as is done now in the schools in the form of drill at all times of the day. They knew that - "Age, strength, constitution, county, time, season, diet must determine the amount of physical culture or else the result will be disease. And yet the modem people not only shun jail, but even remove the nature protective oils by soaps. In olden days, they used gentle cleaners such as fine powders of pulses, special earths, or the leaves or fruit which contain a frothy alkaloid when a stronger cleaner was required.

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Solution fully diluted for administration must be refrigerated and used within 24 hours to reduce incidence of bacterial contamination erectile dysfunction caused by nervousness purchase kamagra gold 100mg with mastercard. Because of physical incompatibilities erectile dysfunction drugs nhs purchase kamagra gold 100 mg amex, ganciclovir sodium and foscarnet sodium must never be mixed erectile dysfunction causes depression buy discount kamagra gold 100 mg line. May also be inhibitory against herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 erectile dysfunction drugs prices buy kamagra gold 100 mg cheap, EpsteinBarr virus, and varicella zoster virus, but clinical studies have not been done. Onset of action is prompt, and therapeutic levels are maintained for 3 to 6 hours with some drug remaining 11 hours after infusion. Approximately 90% excreted unchanged in urine in patients with normal renal function. Teratogenic and embryotoxic; has caused aspermatogenesis and will cause birth defects. Anemia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia are most common and are generally reversible if treatment discontinued. Abdominal pain; anorexia; chills; diarrhea; fever; infection; nausea; neuropathy; pain, infection, and sepsis at injection site; phlebitis; pruritus; rash; retinal detachment; sepsis; sweating; and vomiting occur in some patients. Gastrointestinal perforation, multiple organ failure, pancreatitis, and sepsis have occurred and may be fatal. Overdose: Acute renal failure, hematuria, hepatitis, irreversible pancytopenia, persistent bone marrow suppression, and seizures have occurred. Filgrastim (Neupogen) 1 to 10 mcg/kg/day has been used to maintain the neutrophil count. Discontinue drug if neutrophils fall below 500 cells/mm3 or platelets fall below 25,000 cells/mm3. In subsequent cycles, 1,000 mg/M2 or appropriate reduced or increased dose once each week for 3 consecutive weeks. An alternate schedule is gemcitabine 1,250 mg/M2 on Days 1 and 8 of each 21-day cycle. On Day 1, administer paclitaxel 175 mg/M2 as a 3-hour infusion before the gemcitabine infusion. Absolute granulocyte count nadir must exceed 1,500/mm3 and platelet nadir must exceed 100,000/mm3. Treatment of breast cancer (combination with paclitaxel): Reduce dose based on degree of hematologic toxicity seen on Day 8 according to the following chart. Dose Reduction Guidelines for Gemcitabine in Combination with Paclitaxel Indicated for Dose Reduction in Breast Cancer Absolute Granulocyte Count (cells/mm3) $1,200 1,000-1,199 700 to 999,700 and or and or Platelet Count (cells/mm3). Treatment of ovarian cancer in combination with carboplatin: Reduce dose based on the degree of hematologic toxicity that is seen on Day 8 according to the following chart. Day 8 Dose Reduction Guidelines for Gemcitabine in Combination with Carboplatin Indicated for Dose Reduction in Ovarian Cancer Absolute Granulocyte Count (cells/mm3) $1,500 1,000-1,499,1,000 and and/or and/or Platelet Count (cells/mm3) $100,000 75,000-99,999,75,000 % of Full Dose to Be Administered 100% 50% Hold Treatment with gemcitabine and carboplatin should be held or decreased by 50% when severe (Grade 3 or 4) nonhematologic toxicity (except nausea and vomiting) occurs. Dose adjustment for gemcitabine in combination with carboplatin for subsequent cycles is based on observed toxicity. In subsequent cycles, reduce the dose of gemcitabine to 800 mg/M2 on Days 1 and 8 in case of any of the following hematologic toxicities: · Absolute granulocyte count,500 cells/mm3 for more than 5 days · Absolute granulocyte count,100 cells/mm3 for more than 3 days · Febrile neutropenia · Platelets,25,000 cells/mm3 · Cycle delay of more than 1 week due to toxicity If any of the previous toxicities recur after the initial dose reduction, administer gemcitabine 800 mg/M2 only on Day 1 of subsequent cycles. Half-life is shorter (32 to 94 minutes) with a short infusion (less than 70 minutes), and longer (245 to 638 minutes) with a long infusion (more than 70 minutes). Half-life is slightly longer and rate of clearance is lower in women and in the elderly, resulting in higher concentrations for any given dose. First-line treatment for patients with nonresectable or metastatic cancer of the pancreas and for patients previously treated for cancer of the pancreas with fluorouracil. Clear dose recommendations are not available; data from clinical studies insufficient. Use in patients with concurrent liver metastases or a history of alcoholism, hepatitis, or liver cirrhosis may lead to exacerbation of the underlying hepatic insufficiency. Depending on the site being radiated, concurrent use with gemcitabine may cause severe, life-threatening esophagitis and pneumonitis. Data suggest that gemcitabine can be started after the acute effects of radiation have resolved or at least 1 week after radiation is completed. If gemcitabine-induced pneumonitis is confirmed or suspected, discontinue permanently. Dyspnea unrelated to underlying disease has been reported with gemcitabine therapy and has been occasionally accompanied by bronchospasm.

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