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By: C. Owen, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

The Wacoochee Complex and the overlying metasedimentary rocks of the l erectile dysfunction youtube generic 100mg suhagra with amex,ate Precambrian Pine Mountain Series have been remobilized and folded into two large nappes overturned to the northwest doctor of erectile dysfunction discount suhagra 100 mg amex. The pegmatites and the immediately surrounding host rocks are commonly deeply weathered and are poorly exposed impotence examination cheap suhagra 100mg overnight delivery. The pegmatites are composed predominantiy of muscovite + quartz + feldsparandareprobably mainly of the mica-bearing type erectile dysfunction cure video proven suhagra 100 mg. Beryl, tourmaline, g,lmet or apatite are present locally (Heinrich and others, 1953). The pegmatites are unzoned, poorly zoned, or distinctly zoned with two to In Jasper County, south and southeast of Monticello (Frgure 3), numerous large pegmatites form one of the most imporant pegmatite disricts in Georgia. Pegmatite bodies with more than two zones have monomineralic or bimineralic cores with a thin selvage or border zone of fine-grained quartz-feldspar rock. In the Thomaston-Barnesville disrict, mica was mined from three types of deposits: 1) disseminated mica,2) wallzone mica, and 3) core-margin (intermediate zone) mica. Most of the pegmatites are less than 200 feet long, although a few are 200 to 1,000 feet in length. The vertical extentbf these pegmatites is largely unknown, because mining rarely extended below 100 feet or the depth of weathering (Heinrich and others, 1953). Approximarely half of the pegmatires in the disrict are both pegmatites and gneissic foliation is northeast and the general dip is sourheast. Systematic mining in the disfict began about 1916 with the most extensive mining confined to the periods, l9l7-M ndl94l45 (Heinrich and others, 1953). Generalized geology of the Jasper County pelinatite district (after lvlatthews,1967 and Hooper, 1986). The Gladesville Norite and the enclosing sequence of layered gneisses of mafic o felsic composition comprise what is called the Bemer mafic complex (Hooper, 198Q. Theprevailing sEike of the pegmatites in the Jasper disrict are distinct from those in adjacent districts in that they are composed mainly of graphic granite with only minor muscovite. Where the grain sizebecomes greaterthan 1 inch, azoneof pinkgraphic granite of microcline and quartz occurs. Small masses (<2 feet) of quartz scattered on the mine dumps suggest a small core of massive qu:rtz may be developed in some of these pegmatites. A pegmatite near Enon Church is conspicuously zoned with a sugary-texhred, quartz-feldspar border zone, a 119 t07 Springs and Ball Ground) located in different thrust sheets which are sepamted by a barren thrust sheet. The host rocks are late Precambrian to early Paleozoic metasedimentary and blocky perthite intermediate zone and a quartz core (Matthews, 1967). Unusual vermiculite veins (altered from biotite) commonly cut across the wall zones of these pegmatites. Recognition of their potential for ceramic feldspar led to the development of this district. Pegmatites within the district are no longer mined, because the open pit mining methods of dragline and bulldozer reached maximum safety and economic deptlts. Arareassociation in Georgiaof pegmatites within a host sodic ganitic inEusion is currently being mined near Shady Dale, Jasper Co. Thesepegmatites occur in a weakly foliatedto non-foliated, muscovite + feldspar + quartz + garnet granite. Further study of this association at Shady Dale may provide evidence for a genetic link benveen the pegmatites and a soruce inEusion at Shady Dale and elsewhere in the Jasper disnict. The pegmatites are inegular, tabular or lenticular bodies which have widttrs ranging from less ttran 3 feet to 100 feet and lengttrs ranglng from 15 feet to nearly 2000 feet (Gunow and Bonn, 1989). While pegmatites in the two fieldsboth appearto belong to the muscovite class of Cerny (1982a), they differ in mineralogy and geochemistry. In addition to muscovite, microcline, perthite, albite or oligoclase, and quartz, pegmatites in the Ball Ground field contain tourmaline +/- beryl. Gunow and Bonn further divide the Ball Ground pegmatites based on whether they are beryl-poor, beryl-bearing, or beryl-rich (the Cochran pegmatite). Several pegmatites are zoned with a quartz core, an intermediate feldspar-quartz-muscovite-garnet-tourmaline zone and a fine-grained border zone of feldspar-quartz-muscovite. The quartz cores, which are resistant to weathering and erosion, are exposed as conspicuous outcnps. The large, prehistoric "Rock Eagle" mound north of Ea8onton is constructed of quartz blocks from one of these pegmatites. A narrow rim of feldspar and mica is occasionally exposed by mining or prospecting activity.

Under stressful conditions erectile dysfunction depression medication cheap suhagra uk, cells require the external addition of antioxidants to enable them to Page 210 of 420 N A T U R A L C A N C E R T R E A T M E N T S cope with the excess load of free radicals and to minimize the oxidative damage and oncogenic transformation erectile dysfunction treatment viagra purchase 100mg suhagra otc. This enables the cell itself to increase its scavenging powers and to cope with the "overload" of free radicals and their toxic products thus preventing the onset and progression of malignant transformation free sample erectile dysfunction pills order suhagra 100 mg line. When aqueous radicals were generated in the whole blood impotence law chennai cheap suhagra 100mg online, ascorbic acid [vitamin C] scavenged them faster than any other antioxidants and protected lipids and proteins more effectively than bilirubin, uric acid, or tocopherol (vitamin E). Ascorbic acid proved to be the most effective of all the antioxidants they tested and the only one, which could prevent the initiation of lipid peroxidation, rather than simply lowering the rate at which the process occurs. They also found that the effect increased with the plasma concentration of ascorbic acid. Another pathway for the protective effects of vitamin C was proposed by Joachim Liehr at the University of Texas Medical Branch who found in animal studies that vitamin C may also play a role in inhibiting estrogen-induced carcinogenesis by reducing concentrations of metabolic byproducts of estrogen. According to Swiss researcher Alfred Hanck: "Iron deficiency is an aggravating factor in cancer patients. Only ferrous iron is absorbed and ascorbic acid converts food ferric iron to bioavailable ferrous iron. Vitamin C improves hemoglobin status and thus oxygen supply of tissue, with an increase in oxidative energy production. The cytotoxic effect of ascorbic acid against malignant cells is significantly increased by chelation with ferrous iron. This increased efficacy is attributed to the longer half-life of the ascorbate iron complex during cell contact compared to ascorbic acid. Kedar Prasad, Director of the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, states on using vitamin C to treat cancer: "Most people associate antioxidants with their ability to eliminate free radicals, which helps prevent cancer. Antioxidants cause damage to cancer cells because they have a marked effect on those genes involved in cell proliferation, or apoptosis (the programmed death of cells). Finally, antioxidants act as an anti-angiogenesis agent ­ preventing the formation of new blood vessels, which are crucial for cancer cell development. Standard therapies do not affect angiogenesis, so by combining the two together, you have better results. The blood concentration of vitamin C when given intravenously was nearly 7 times greater than when the same amount was given orally. Page 211 of 420 N A T U R A L C A N C E R T R E A T M E N T S A new trial utilizing intavenous vitamin C was announced in 2003 by Dr. But we are following white cell and platelet counts and other markers for possible toxicity from the vitamin C. Further Reading and References · · · · · · · · · · Cancer and Vitamin C: A Discussion of the Nature, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer With Special Reference to the Value of Vitamin C by Ewan Cameron, Linus Pauling Vitamin C and Cancer: Medicine or Politics? Vitamin C and cancer by Howerde E Sauberlich Vitamin C & Cancer: Discovery, Recovery, Controversy by Abram, Md. Step-By-Step Nutrition Action Plans for Your Specific Cancer by Kim Dalzell, et al World Without Cancer: the Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Prolongation of survival times of terminal cancer patients by administration of large doses of ascorbate. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Special Issue: Proceedings from Vitamin C as Cancer Therapy Workshop, Montreal. Reticulum cell carcinoma: two complete spontaneous regressions, in response to high-dose ascorbic acid therapy. Mega-dose vitamins and minerals in the treatment of non-metastatic breast cancer: an historical cohort study. Hardin Jones biostatistical analysis of mortality data for cohorts of cancer patients with a large fraction surviving at the termination of the study and a comparison of survival times of cancer patients receiving large regular oral doses of vitamin C and other nutrients with similar patients not receiving those doses. Vitamin D is formed in the skin of animals and humans by the action of short-wave ultraviolet light, the so-called fast-tanning sun rays. Precursors of vitamin D in the skin are converted into cholecalciferol, a weak form of vitamin D3, which is then transported to the liver and kidneys where enzymes convert it to 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol, the more potent form of vitamin D3. Page 212 of 420 N A T U R A L C A N C E R T R E A T M E N T S Fat-soluble vitamin D supplements are available in two forms. Vitamin D3 is believed to exhibit the most potent cancer- inhibiting properties and is the preferred form of the vitamin.

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Such a situation was discovered while auditing a Company for the state insurance department erectile dysfunction due to old age best 100 mg suhagra. There were multiple funds within the same contract and the policyholder could choose to withdraw funds from a single fund (and was not restricted to pro-rata withdrawals) erectile dysfunction medication covered by insurance buy 100 mg suhagra overnight delivery. For example impotence means discount 100 mg suhagra mastercard, suppose policyholder A bought an annuity with two different funds in it erectile dysfunction self test purchase line suhagra. Policyholder B bought the same funds on the same day, but with each fund being contained in a separate contract. This could be true even though, under the contract provisions, Policyholder A and Policyholder B have exactly the same rights and benefits. Another solution might be to provide additional guidance within the current Guidelines. Batte reviewed the recent history of the project and said that although the initial intent of this conference call was to consider modeling results, there were significant remaining areas of disagreement on the proposed actuarial guideline. Elstein said he was examining simplistic scenarios that produced no stochastic reserves. If severe losses are produced in years four through eight, during the second year under the current, greatest-present-value method, then the result is that reserves are not established on an amortized basis, but at the latest possible time before the losses occur. I have an annual profit in year four of $20 million before I hit the $40 million loss. When I take the present value of those three annual profits, I am still in a profit position using a present-value approach to reserves. An alternative, which is very common in actuarial literature, is that if you know you have a loss, you should not be funding it out of the latest possible profits. You should be funding it out of the profits in each of the next couple of years rather than waiting for the latest possible. Two things happen: One, if things get worse you really have to put money up, but second, you have far more volatility. He said that it also depended on what was to be covered by reserves and what was to be covered by capital and surplus. Carmello said the reason that New York is proposing the use of the option-value concept is because that is the direction of the international markets, and that is what the market would use to assume the product. Carmello said that at that level, the company would either be required to reinsure the risk or would not be allowed to write the policy. Shepherd asked if the modeling results that were to be presented at the Summer National Meeting were going to contrast the standard scenario with alternatives. He recommended using a standard scenario and reviewing the results after two years. Serbinowski said that it was not clear how much diligence would be given to an item that does not have a real financial impact; however, if the scenario were only used as a disclosure item, then he would be even more favorable to a more simplified scenario and that it could be confidential. Cipinko said that using shadow reporting would give companies time to identify problems before they would affect reporting. Bruning and Rink said that they were in favor of using a standard scenario that is simple enough to allow a regulator to quickly review it and determine whether the company is in compliance with it. Elstein said that he liked the idea of a standard scenario, but without the option-value floor. We also believe that a reasonable level of margins needs to be used in those calculations. While past experience is not guarantee of future, we believe actuaries should be able to make intelligent projections and extrapolations based on that observed experience. In the event that the discussion moves to the standard scenario, we are resubmitting the standard scenario that we had proposed in January for consideration. A Standard Scenario Reserve shall be determined for each of the contracts falling under the scope of the Guideline by applying section A3. The Standard Scenario Reserve for a contract with guaranteed living benefits or guaranteed death benefits is based on a projection of the account value based on specified returns for supporting assets equal to the account value. The Standard Scenario Method requires the Standard Scenario Amount to not be less than the greater of the sum over all contracts of (a) and the sum over all contracts of (b), where: (a) is the Basic Adjusted Reserve defined in section A3. If the 10-year constant maturity treasury rate is no longer available, then a substitute rate determined by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners shall be used. For completeness, the table also includes the determinations required by section A3.

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Vision-Only: Policies providing for vision only coverage issued as stand alone vision or as a rider to a medical policy that is not related to the medical policy through deductibles or out-of-pocket limits erectile dysfunction meds online generic suhagra 100mg online. With the exception of emergency and out-of area urgent care erectile dysfunction pump demonstration purchase 100mg suhagra, members must receive all of their care through the managed care plan; however erectile dysfunction drugs canada buy genuine suhagra on-line, an out-of network option can be provided erectile dysfunction after 60 suhagra 100 mg for sale. Does not include policies providing stand alone Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage which are reported within the Other Health line of business. Self-Funded: Business where the health-care organization agrees to provide services to a third party self-insured group. An organized system for providing health care or otherwise assuring health care delivery in a geographic area. An agreed upon set of basic and supplemental health maintenance and treatment services. Usually the benefit contract offers better benefits (fewer copayments) for services received from a preferred provider, thus encouraging members to use these providers. Members are allowed benefits for non-participating provider services on an indemnity basis with significant copayments. Can also be a rider offered by the insuring company but covered by the dental insurer. Vision (Only): Entity providing Vision coverage in addition to health coverage provided by health care company. Other (Specify): Coverage provided by entities that do not fall within any of the other categories. Indemnity plans where the insured person is reimbursed for covered expenses would fall within this area. Miscellaneous Definitions: Encounter: A contact between a member and a provider of health care services who exercise independent judgment in the area and provision of health services to the member. Non-hospital Encounter: An encounter administered outside a hospital environment, such as in the health care provider office. Physician: A licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathy licensed to practice medicine under the laws of the state or jurisdiction where the services are provided Non-physician: Anyone other than a physician who is licensed, where required, to render covered services. Social Worker Inpatient: A member who is treated as a registered bed patient in a hospital and for whom a room and board charge is made. Outpatient: A member not officially admitted as an inpatient, but who receives hospital care without occupying a hospital bed or receiving a room and board charge. A stay up to and including midnight of the date of admission shall be considered one day, and an additional day will be counted at each midnight census after the first day that the member is still a patient. Group: the health organization contracts with an entity to provide health care services to a group of subscribers. Member: A person who has enrolled as a subscriber or an eligible dependent of a subscriber and for whom the health organization has accepted the responsibility for the provision of health services as may be contracted for. A complete listing for the definitions of lines of business to be reported can be found in the Appendix of these instructions. Participation in underwriting pools and associations including intercompany pools are to be reported on a gross basis. In addition, the regulators use aggregate data to develop elements of profitability of the industry, both by lines of business and by state. The contact person need not be the same person designated in the annual statement, but should be the person to whom questions can be directed. There should be submitted in Interrogatory 4 a detailed statement or footnote with respect to any item or items requiring special comment or explanation. Each individual insurer whether or not a member of a group must complete this exhibit. If the insurer makes modifications and/or changes to the annual statement affecting this exhibit subsequent to the filing of this exhibit, an amended annual statement and Insurance Expense Exhibit must be filed in writing with the appropriate insurance department. All additional lines of business reported for these schedules not listed here are defined within the instructions for that particular schedule.