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By: J. Yespas, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Please act in the best interests of your customers and remove these harmful skin lightening products from your marketplace gastritis body aches generic motilium 10 mg visa. It is becoming overwhelmingly disgusting to me the lack of concern and respect for others versus making a dollar gastritis diet 23 generic motilium 10 mg without a prescription. Please recognize that the profit you make on these products is not worth the hazard they present to consumers health gastritis healing diet motilium 10mg for sale. Please take steps to stop these toxic-both physically and psychologically-products gastritis diet generic 10 mg motilium visa. Please stop perpetrating this false standard of beauty laden in systematic racism. Try and understand your consumers at the most fundamental level and your corporate will be not only profitable, but legendary in setting a new precedent for capitalism. Gender equity issues are the most important issues for environmental protections - and the beauty industry is one that women are most vulnerable to . Please take action immediately to protect the health and welfare and pocketbooks of women and girls! Hayley dikeman It is not fair to allow people to buy products uninformed about potential dangers to themselves and those they love. The people should be aware of these things just as much as any other potential danger like with weed killer. Having advertisers omit the important information about harmful ingredients or illegal ingredients in our beauty products shows nothing but greed! The first is the physically dangerous sail of products containing harmful mercury as an ingredient. The second is to do so in supporting and the encouragement of supporting racial bias toward white skin color. Neither of these practices should be part of the use of harmful ingredients to accomplish questionable goals, and I ask that both Ebay and Amazon discontinue both. But now the Sierra Club is bringing this matter to your attention, and I urge you in the strongest possible terms to withdraw these products from the market immediately and ensure that your firms never again become conduits for illegal sales of harmful substances. Add this kindness to our people of color and remove these dangerous mercury filled products from your shelves. If you can do this in Europe, please consider your fellow cirizens (and Prime customers like myself) and stop selling these poisons everywhere. All skin care products whether to lighten skin or for make up purposes need to be chemical free. If you make it easy to buy these products your are as quility as those who manufacture them. Please get with the 21st century and stop disseminating these polluting products immediately! Please be a responsible billionaire and reduce your profits by an infinitesimal amount and remove toxic skin lightening products from your inventory. Your commitment needs to be to your consumers health, not your shareholders pocketbooks. It is unconscionable that such dangerous products continue on your shelves, and that you turn a blind eye to removing them. This is not your only offense in the name of your precious "bottom line", but it is so far the most egregious. In the meantime, neither of you will be receiving any business from me, or anyone in my household. Online retailers must take responsibility for the products they sell on their sites. Buyers should not have to take products to independent analysis labs before they can use these products. Im demanding you bring forth your conscience on this matter concerning the health of other human beings. Many women use cosmetics without knowing the dangers to their skin from brands that contain mercury.

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Petals (collectively the corolla) are located inside the whorl of sepals and usually display vivid colors to attract pollinators gastritis diet best motilium 10 mg. A long chronic gastritis omeprazole cheap motilium 10 mg overnight delivery, thin structure called a style leads from the sticky stigma gastritis definition generic motilium 10 mg on-line, where pollen is deposited gastritis diet buy motilium 10mg visa, to the ovary enclosed in the carpel. The ovary houses one or more ovules that will each develop into a seed upon fertilization. The male reproductive organs, the androecium or stamens, surround the central carpel. Stamens are composed of a thin stalk called a filament and a sac-like structure, the anther, in which microspores are produced by meiosis and develop into pollen grains. Some fruits are colored, perfumed, sweet, and nutritious to attract herbivores, which eat the fruit and disperse the tough undigested seeds in their feces. They produce microspores, which develop into pollen grains (the male gametophytes), and megaspores, which form an ovule containing the female gametophytes. Anthers and ovaries are structures that shelter the actual gametophytes: the pollen grain and embryo sac. In the ovules, the female gametophyte is produced when a megasporocyte undergoes meiosis to produce four haploid megaspores. One of these is larger than the others and undergoes mitosis to form the female gametophyte or embryo sac. The egg and two cells move to one end of the embryo sac (gametophyte) and three cells move to the other end. Two of the nuclei remain in a single cell and fuse to form a 2n nucleus; this cell moves to the center of the embryo sac. The other sperm fuses with the diploid nucleus in the center of the embryo sac, forming a triploid cell that will develop into the endosperm: a tissue that serves as a food reserve. The zygote develops into an embryo with a radicle, or small root, and one or two leaf-like organs called cotyledons. Seed food reserves are stored outside the embryo, and the cotyledons serve as conduits to transmit the broken-down food reserves to the developing embryo. The seed consists of a toughened layer of integuments forming the coat, the endosperm with food reserves and, at the center, the well-protected embryo. These are known as "perfect" flowers because they contain both types of sex organs (Figure 14. Biochemical and anatomical barriers to self-pollination promote cross-pollination. Self-pollination is a severe form of inbreeding, and can increase the number of genetic defects in offspring. A plant may have perfect flowers, and thus have both genders in each flower; or, it may have imperfect flowers of both kinds on one plant (Figure 14. Some plants are dioecious, meaning "two houses," and have male and female flowers ("imperfect flowers") on different plants. In dioecious plants, males and females reproductive structures are on separate plants. Flowering plants are divided into two major groups, according to the structure of the cotyledons, the pollen grains, and other features: monocots, which include grasses and lilies, and eudicots or dicots, a polyphyletic group. They are categorized separately in many classification schemes, and correspond to a grouping known as the Magnoliidae. The Magnoliidae group is comprised of magnolia trees, laurels, water lilies, and the pepper family. Basal Angiosperms the Magnoliidae are represented by the magnolias: tall trees that bear large, fragrant flowers with many parts, and are considered archaic (Figure 14. Familiar plants in this group include the bay laurel, cinnamon, spice bush (Figure 14. All species of the Nymphaeales thrive in freshwater biomes, and have leaves that float on the water surface or grow underwater. Water lilies are particularly prized by gardeners, and have graced ponds and pools since antiquity.

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There are eight major terrestrial biomes: tropical rainforests can gastritis symptoms come go generic motilium 10 mg with amex, savannas gastritis zantac order motilium 10mg free shipping, subtropical deserts gastritis symptoms nih generic motilium 10 mg mastercard, chaparral gastritis symptoms in telugu buy cheap motilium line, temperate grasslands, temperate forests, boreal forests, and Arctic tundra. Some biomes, such as temperate grasslands and temperate forests, have distinct seasons with cold and hot weather alternating throughout the year. In warm, moist biomes, such as the tropical rainforest, net primary productivity is high as warm temperatures, abundant water, and a year-round growing season fuel plant growth. Other biomes, such as deserts and tundra, have low primary productivity due to extreme temperatures and a shortage of water. The abiotic factors important for the structuring of aquatic biomes can be different than those seen in terrestrial biomes. Sunlight is an important factor in bodies of water, especially those that are very deep, because of the role of photosynthesis in sustaining certain organisms. Oceans may be thought of as consisting of different zones based on water depth, distance from the shoreline, and light penetrance. Bogs are an interesting type of wetland characterized by standing water, a lower pH, and a lack of nitrogen. The process whereby oxygen is depleted by the growth of microorganisms due to excess nutrients in aquatic systems is called. The extremely low precipitation of subtropical desert biomes might lead one to expect fire to be a major disturbance factor; however, fire is more common in the temperate grassland biome than in the subtropical desert biome. The current high rates will cause a precipitous decline in the biodiversity (the diversity of species) of the planet in the next century or two. Although it is sometimes difficult to predict which species will become extinct, many are listed as endangered (at great risk of extinction). However, the majority of extinctions will be of species that science has not yet even described. Most of these "invisible" species that will become extinct currently live in tropical rainforests like those of the Amazon basin. What we are likely to notice on a day-to-day basis as a result of biodiversity loss is that food will be more difficult to produce, clean water will be more difficult to find, and the rate of development of new medicines will become slower, as we depend upon other species for much of these services. Slowing the loss of biodiversity is within our abilities if we make dramatic changes in our consumptive behavior and identify and protect the elements of our ecosystems that we depend on for our lives and welfare. This particular location is protected within a national forest, yet only 10 percent of the original coastal lowland forest remains, and research suggests half the original biodiversity has been lost. Traditionally, ecologists have measured biodiversity by taking into account both the number of species and the number of individuals in each of those species. However, biologists are using measures of biodiversity at several levels of biological organization (including genes, populations, and ecosystems) to help focus efforts to preserve the biologically and technologically important elements of biodiversity. When biodiversity loss through extinction is thought of as the loss of the passenger pigeon, the dodo, or, even, the woolly mammoth there seems to be no reason to care about it because these events happened long ago. From the perspective of evolution and ecology, the loss of a particular individual species, with some exceptions, may seem unimportant, but the current accelerated extinction rate means the loss of tens of thousands of species within our lifetimes. Much of this loss is occurring in tropical rainforests like the one pictured in Figure 21. This is likely to have dramatic effects on human welfare through the collapse of ecosystems and in added costs to maintain food production, clean air and water, and improve human health. Biologists recognize that human populations are embedded in ecosystems and are dependent on them, just as is every other species on the planet. Agriculture began after early hunter-gatherer societies first settled in one place and heavily modified their immediate environment: the ecosystem in which they existed. This cultural transition has made it difficult for humans to recognize their dependence on living this content is available for free at cnx. Today our technology smoothes out the extremes of existence and allows many of us to live longer, more comfortable lives, but ultimately the human species cannot exist without its surrounding ecosystems. This includes living plants that grow in soil ecosystems and the animals that eat these plants (or other animals) as well as photosynthetic organisms in the oceans and the other organisms that eat them. Our ecosystems have provided and will provide many of the medications that maintain our health, which are commonly made from compounds found in living organisms. Ecosystems provide our clean water, which is held in lake and river ecosystems or passes through terrestrial ecosystems on its way into groundwater. More sophisticated measures of diversity take into account the relative abundances of species. For example, a forest with 10 equally common species of trees is more diverse than a forest that has 10 species of trees wherein just one of those species makes up 95 percent of the trees rather than them being equally distributed.

The top seven pairs gastritis symptoms baby purchase motilium online, the true ribs chronic gastritis metaplasia order motilium 10 mg without prescription, are joined to the breastbone in front by costal cartilage gastritis diet buy motilium online now. The other five pairs of ribs gastritis diet effective motilium 10mg, the false ribs, are not attached to the breastbone, though the 8th, 9th and 10th pairs are each attached to the rib above. The bottom two pairs, which are not attached to the breastbone at all, are called the floating ribs. It is the smaller of the two main discharge points of the lymphatic system into the venous system, the larger being the thoracic duct. It is then possible to determine the type of lesion which exists by finding if the sound is heard for a longer period by air or by bone conduction. They contain rhodopsin or visual purple, which produces the nervous impulse which the rod transmits to the optic nerve. Various factors such as necessary daily tasks, lifespan and health status are used to assess the relative independence of an individual, which the nurse will help them to increase. Rorschach test / r k test/ noun the ink blot test, used in psychological diagnosis, where someone is shown a series of blots of ink on paper and is asked to say what each blot reminds him or her of. It is believed to be necessary to help digestion and avoid developing constipation and obesity. Also called German rubbing alcohol rubefacient rubella cochlea, and closed by a membrane. Illness results from an inability to adapt to such stimuli, so nurses should help patients to overcome this. Compare Salk vacSabin vaccine a bag saccades /s keIdz/ plural noun controlled rapid movements of the eyes made when a person is changing the direction in which they are focusing. Compare Sabin salivary calculus salivary gland salivate salivation Salk vaccine ferring to saliva, see words beginning with ptyal, ptyalo- or sial-, sialo-. Saliva acts to keep the mouth and throat moist, allowing food to be swallowed easily. It also contains the enzyme ptyalin, which begins the digestive process of converting starch into sugar while food is still in the mouth. Because of this association with food, the salivary glands produce saliva automatically when food is seen, smelt or even simply talked about. Most diets contain more salt than each person actually needs, and although it has not been proved to be harmful, it is generally wise to cut down on salt consumption. Also called saprophyte saprophytic sarcsarcoid sarcoidosis the longest vein in the body, runs from the foot up the inside of the leg and joins the femoral vein. The short (posterior) saphenous vein runs up the back of the lower leg and joins the popliteal vein. It is thought that increasing the amount of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, mainly vegetable fats and oils, and fish oil, and reducing saturated fats in the food intake helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and so lessens the risk of atherosclerosis. Also called thoracic outlet synscale scalenus scalenus syndrome drome scale off / skeIl f/ verb to fall off in scales scaler / skeIl/ noun a surgical instrument for scaling teeth scales /skeIlz/ noun a machine for weighing the nurses weighed the baby on the scales. It is caused by a haemolytic streptococcus and can sometimes have serious complications if the kidneys are infected. Schilling test / IlI test/ noun a test to see Schilling test school nurse scissor legs if someone can absorb Vitamin B12 through the intestines, to determine cases of pernicious anaemia [After Robert Frederick Schilling (b. Also called sclerotic, sclerotic sclera scleral lens / sklIrl lenz/ noun a large contact lens which covers most of the front of the eye scleritis /skl raItIs/ noun inflammation of the sclera sclero- /sklIr/ prefix 1. The conjunctiva, or inner skin of the eyelids, connects with the sclera and covers the front of the eyeball.

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