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By: K. Ugo, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Frank H. Netter M.D. School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University

In New Orleans women's health tone zone strength training novofen 10mg low price, only one tower that was at the airport remained operational: One tower was inundated by the storm surge breast cancer 4 stage buy novofen 20 mg without prescription, while two others had equipment damaged or lost power because of flood waters women's health center of clarksville tn cheap novofen 10 mg visa. All voice-radio communications were lost except for very limited radio-to-radio communications women's health clinic phoenix novofen 20 mg fast delivery. The Plaquemines Sheriff lost the 911 communications and dispatch center, and all towers. It would be three weeks before Plaquemines Parish had any means of communications. As a result of this destruction, antennas supporting its communications center were relocated to the boom of a 400-foot crane for months. Used with permission of the Times-Picayune 911 Communications Along with first responder communications, Katrina wreaked havoc on the 911 systems on which the public relies to contact first responders. At least 38 of the 911 centers in the region lost their ability to function during Katrina. However, telecommunicators on the receiving end did not have access to maps, data, and other information necessary to direct first responders to callers in need of help. However, in many cases, due to the widespread destruction in Louisiana, even voice signals could not be rerouted. Several communications assets were not deployed at all, or could have been deployed sooner: · the U. Forest Service maintains over 5,000 radios, the largest civilian cache of radios in the United States, but many remained unused. She could see the driver, and they waved their phones in the air to signal each other, but that was the extent of their ability to communicate. Coachman said her satellite phone, cell phone, and Blackberry handheld wireless device all failed to work. But there is anecdotal evidence that satellite communications experienced their own problems: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said that he had "a huge box of satellite phones that did not work. Therefore, users may have had problems putting them in the correct mode, directing the antennae, or dialing the correct numbers. To fill the communications gap, Louisiana tried to bring in communications trailers with transmitters to restore cellular communications, but those efforts were hampered by the flooding. After Katrina struck, this was often the only functional form of communications in the state. The State of Louisiana operates on a statewide analog wireless system installed in 1996. This system is presently used by approximately 70 agencies with 10,000 subscribers. But it can support only a limited number of channels for communications, and it requires a person to manually configure the connections with the radios. That amount was considered an "inexpensive" way to connect existing operating systems in the state to a common, statewide network. However, estimates ranged as high as $45 million, which local officials considered "cost prohibitive. Dowden, a catastrophic hurricane plan "takes into account all of the assets within the region, and then pre-scripts what you would do in the event you lose specific towers or capabilities. In addition to funding, interoperability also always raises technical and policy issues. Senate, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, hearing on the Role of the Governors in Managing the Catastrophe, Feb. Regan, Regional Vice President of Operations, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, the Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned. See also: Committee staff interview of Jeffrey Glick, Chief of Critical Infrastructure Protection, National Communications System, conducted on Feb. Keith LaCaze, Assistant Administrator, Law Enforcement Division, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, before the U. Senate, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing on Managing Law Enforcement and Communications in a Catastrophe, Feb. Senate, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, hearing on Managing Law Enforcement and Communications in a Catastrophe, Feb.


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Additionally women's health clinic in midland tx buy novofen cheap, annual reviews will be utilized to analyze the applicability of the existing mitigation measures women's health issues video purchase 20 mg novofen overnight delivery, and address challenges hindering implementation womens health 4th edition by youngkin generic novofen 20 mg without prescription. Monitoring Projects in this Plan the mitigation measures in this Plan will be evaluated as outlined in the Plan Maintenance section of this Plan women's health clinic toledo ohio buy novofen mastercard. A documentation of the measures will be updated as monitoring and reviews occurs and when additional progress is reported or other communication/correspondence is made regarding the measures. The database will include but is not limited to the following information: Measure Priority level Lead and participating agencies Funding or resource source(s) Project start/complete dates Correspondence/communication Progress indicated by specific activities Mitigation measures presented in this Plan were presumed to be actionable and at least started if not completed by the expiration of this Plan. The system must disclose the financial results for all current those activities accurately and completely. It must identify funds received and disbursed, as well as reference source documentation. Each Sub-grantee must 2018 274 2018 State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan maintain full documentation in order to receive payment. Closeout Procedures Subgrant Closeout Prior to close out of a subgrant, Mitigation Office staff will inspect all projects for completion and compliance. Flood Cont Districts Some local jurisdictions have acquired homes in the floodplain that was converted to open space. Two of the identified areas were then studied in detail to estimate risks and to identify potential mitigation options. Other research into post-fire debris flows is ongoing but funds for dedicated studies are lacking. The HazMat training is for first responders and the equipment enhances the County HazMat Teams. In progress E Flood In Progress N HazMat In progress N HazMat 2018 A-1 2018 State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan Annex A: Previous Mitigation Strategy Assessment 2013 State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Mitigation Action Review New or Existing Hazard Mitigated Mitigation Measure Description (In order of High, Medium, Low Priority) Status (*represents the mitigation measures 2018 update) Lead Agency Est Cost Est Comp Pot Funding Source In progress E Wildfire In Progress E Multi In Progress Earthquak e, Fissure, Flood, Wildfire Already being implemented. Continue to complete wildland fuels reduction projects as appropriate and renew/revise agreements as necessary. The project is expected to expand to include additional wildfire information if funding becomes available from Arizona Forestry. Maintain up to date list of Arizona Communities at Risk (of wildfire) and share with agencies or individuals who can use the information to benefit their respective communities. This will provide State Forestry N/A Ongoing N/A a benefit to State Forestry and communities in identifying priority areas for wildfire mitigation 2018 A-2 2018 State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan Annex A: Previous Mitigation Strategy Assessment 2013 State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Mitigation Action Review New or Existing Hazard Mitigated Mitigation Measure Description (In order of High, Medium, Low Priority) Status (*represents the mitigation measures 2018 update) Lead Agency Est Cost Est Comp Pot Funding Source Completed E Dam work and is required by the National Fire Plan as well. Staff created two outreach brochures for distribution to communities and residents: "Manufactured Homes, Recreational Vehicles, Park Trailers and Floodplains" and Wildfire and Flood Risks". Encourage cities, communities and other municipalities to specify landscaping requirements based upon Firewise principles. This outreach has resulted in Arizona holding one of the highest community certification rates in the nation at 45. Share data with local jurisdictions and others that may benefit from it by using it to identifying areas at risk and prioritize project areas based on present State Forestry N/A Ongoing N/A fuels, threat to the public and natural resources and to track the location and progress of ongoing projects. With database complete, the information is collected and updated on a yearly basis. In progress E Flood In progress & Revise E Wildfire In progress E Wildfire In Progress 2018 A-3 2018 State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan Annex A: Previous Mitigation Strategy Assessment 2013 State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Mitigation Action Review New or Existing Hazard Mitigated Mitigation Measure Description (In order of High, Medium, Low Priority) Status (*represents the mitigation measures 2018 update) Lead Agency Est Cost Est Comp Pot Funding Source E Severe Weather Completed E Wildfire In progress E Delete E All Flood Add information on the dangers of severe weather to the State Climatology website and continue weather presentations to K-12 students and community groups. The state Climatology Office engages in both, applied research and outreach, making presentations to both k-12 and community groups on various weather and climate topics. The webpage also provides weather and climate Initial phase information to the general public. As internet accessibility expands, websites are becoming a State Climate Office N/A done, now N/A primary source of information. Severe weather presentations are always favorites with K-12 students and community groups and they are very useful for correcting misinformation about hazards. Education to K-12 and community groups occur 1-2 times per month but this action considered complete now that the information is publicly available. Distribute wildfire mitigation information to those applying for building permits and those communities seeking Firewise Communities recognition.

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Vicente Rafael writes: Mestizoness in the Philippines has implied menstrual rags bible order cheapest novofen and novofen, at least since the nineteenth century menopause complications buy cheap novofen on line, a certain proximity to the outside sources of power without pregnancy questions hotline buy generic novofen on line, however breast cancer stage 0 prognosis cheap 20 mg novofen, being totally absorbed by them. As is the case in India, the importance placed on light skin color is the impetus for the practice of skin bleaching. Areas of life affected by skin color include marital preferences, socioeconomic status, and societal treatment. The Philippines has one of the highest consumption of skin bleaching products, with approximately fifty percent of Filipino women reporting usage (Russell-Cole, et. However, Filipinos are not alone in their usage of whitening products: the first decade of the new millennium witnessed a rise in sales of skin-lightening products not only in Japan and the Philippines, but also in Korea and China. A 2007 Nielson global survey found that 29 percent of South Koreans and 46 percent of Chinese had used a skin-lightening product within the past year. Unilever believes that China has even greater market potential that India for selling its skin-lightening products, perhaps up to $2 billion. And, like India, China is a country on the economic move, with a growing middle class and a rising number of professional working women with disposable incomes of their own to do with whatever they want (RussellCole, et. A news article published by the New York Times titled, "Beach Essentials in China: Flip Flops, a Towel and a Ski Mask," further explores the preference for whiter skin in East Asia. This booming industry caters to a culture that prizes a pallid complexion as a traditional sign of feminine beauty unscathed by the indignities of manual labor. There is even an idiom, which women young and old know by heart: "Fair skin conceals a thousand flaws" (Levin, 2012). The axiom "fair skin conceals a thousand flaws" is applicable to not only aesthetic flaws, but also perceived weaknesses in other areas of life. For example, the emphasis on light skin as a symbol of femininity can offset less desirable "ethnic" traits, such as short height and lack of a second eyelid fold (often surgically added through cosmetic blepharoplasty to make eyes appear larger) (Rondilla & Spickard, 2007). Markers of socioeconomic status such as low class, lack of education, familial reputation, clothing, etc. As described, numerous systems of governance and control (particularly economic) implemented by imperialists remain intact in many postcolonial states. The ranking system in which white colonialists, in part based on their constructed racial superiority (as well as technology, imperialism, military, economy, etc. It is my contention that enduring colorist 19 I, however, speculate that doing so could be seen as violating the "merits" of color-blind ideology or selfimplicating of the role of whiteness. Conflating caste and class is a common misconception that discounts factors beyond those related to socioeconomic matters. That is not to say that the two should be assessed independent of the other, as there is an evident correlation. However, caste systems are complex and cannot be adequately understood from an economic platform alone. Skin color must also be considered as a function of the vertical arrangement of Indian society (Ayyar and Khandare, 2013). Although this form of rigid social ordering is particular to India, castes are not. Parrish discovered 145 terms such as half-white, yaller, high yellow, brown, red bone, chocolate, ink spot, and tar baby. In the early decades of the twentieth century, mulatto clubs existed in different parts of America where darker Blacks were not allowed. Some of the well-known mulatto clubs were the Bon Ton Society in Washington and the Blue Vein Society in Nashville. Admission to all these clubs were based on strict physical criteria (Gupta, 2000, p. The ranked ordering of African Americans (by themselves as well as by other Americans) based on skin color denotes a caste system reminiscent of the era of slavery in the United States, specifically in which whiteness served as the standard for which African Americas were valued against non-blacks and blacks alike. For example, the mixing of white slaveholders and black slaves led to the creation of a caste of mulattos. Due to their relation with whites and whiteness, 185 mulattos were often assigned to coveted indoor positions. As such, the association between light skin color and privilege was further strengthened. Today, the colorist legacies of slavery that privilege lightness still persist in the United States. In A History of Prejudice: Race, Caste, and Difference in India and the United States, Gyanendra Pandey conducts a comparative study of Dalits in India and African Americans.

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Dalits: the Unfair Outcastes & Racial Spatialization I now turn to the how conceptualizations of caste and color inform Dalit lives breast cancer donation best buy novofen. Specifically women's health bendigo vic purchase cheap novofen online, I discuss the material ways in which pigmentocracy disproportionately affects Dalits pregnancy symptoms before missed period generic 10 mg novofen fast delivery. Many upper/middle castes and even non-Hindus consider these groups to be polluted breast cancer store trusted 20 mg novofen. In short, there is a widespread belief that their inherent impurity is infectious to others. In addition, these groups are being punished for the sins of former lives and are therefore deserving of maltreatment. The resulting implications include social and institutional ostracization, such as exclusion from worshipping at certain sites, avoiding eye contact with upper/middle castes, and so forth. In an effort to oppose oppression, Dalit activists (including non-Dalits) have implemented numerous strategies. One of the responses to subjugation is to emulate the United States is claiming, "equal opportunity for all," yet due to a lack of political power, this goes largely 99 disregarded (Ghose, 2003, p. Developing marketable skills such as fluency in English are also viewed by Dalits as a means for conveying "intellectual capital" that could aid in their efforts to transcend assigned labor positions and duties (Ghose, 2003). Mimicry of the attributes that whiteness embodies is prevalent in not only the colonizer/colonized dynamic, but also within the upper castes/lower or non-caste condition. Under the umbrella category of Dalits is a mixture of languages, geographical locations, religions, and skin tones that further segments the population and prevents organization needed for preventing discriminatory practices. As a result of social and economic marginalization, the vast majority of Dalits have been relegated to live in separate spaces from caste members. In rural areas, Dalits are often landless agricultural laborers who are overwhelmingly illiterate (approximately 90%) (Racine, et al. Economic opportunity is also often limited to the educated and powerful, which is difficult for many Dalits to access due to systemic discrimination. Racial spatialization is not an unfamiliar concept to areas of colonization and/or white settlement as evidence of its proliferation is found in the United States in the form of black ghettos and nearly all European colonies in Africa, for that matter. Racial spatialization represents another example of upper caste Indians attempting to reproduce imperialistic models that draw social distinctions among people based on color. As rural opportunities continue to diminish for many landless Dalits, many move to urban cities in hopes of improving their financial situation, yet are often met with equally impenetrable circumstances. For the majority 100 of Dalits, the end result is poor living standards concentrated in overcrowded urban spaces characterized by high crime rates, disease, suicide drug addictions, sex trade, and starvation (Rashidi, 1998). Unofficial (though often sanctioned) spatial coding of black areas and white areas serves to preserve the hierarchies put into place through caste systems and limits opportunities for equality. By racializing color and then spatializing the branded race, a push and pull dynamic comes into play in which rural settings push Dalits towards cities (with false enticement of better opportunities) and then pull them into slums, thus looping back to reinforce stereotypes that feed into themselves and further sanction socially constructed norms (Rashidi, 1998). It is not enough for the state to take an active role in eradicating caste discrimination. Color lines must also be recognized and factored in the consideration of dismantling efforts. Etymology of "Untouchables", Dalits, Harijans & Scheduled/Backwards Caste In a discussion of Dalits, an etymological exploration of the evolution of the label assigned to the lowest and often perceived darkest members of Indian society is useful. This section further connects Dalits to blackness in the ideological, moral, and racial sense. Though the link between caste and color is often capricious, the common belief (by both Dalits and nonDalits) that Dalits have darker skin color is widely discussed in diverse settings. For example, Ayyar and Khandare posit, "Dalit literature is a testimony to the fact that most of the exUntouchable communities are dark-skinned and physically distinct from the rest" (Ayyar & Khandare, 2013, p. The ways in which Dalits are aesthetically described, whether accurately or otherwise, contribute to our understanding of the philological, religious, and racial underpinnings that transmit the changes and reactions of upper castes, Untouchables, national, 101 and international onlookers. Furthermore, multidimensional sources of oppression are often perpetrated through language. Due to the assumed racial impurity and interrelated dark skin color, the Untouchables became known as those that could pollute the purer, and consequently whiter castes with not only their touch, but also their presence. Moreover, as cited in Living Color: the Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color, "great meaning was attached to human blackness because black had consistently negative connotation in Indo-European languages, and darkness-such as the darkness of night-had a long standing association with evil" (Jablonski, 2012, p. In a society in which spiritual beliefs and superstitions factor prominently, the racial segregation of upper caste and lower/outcastes is in part a religious manifestation as well.

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