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By: K. Domenik, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Vice Chair, Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Instead of saying you believe what these religions and the Vatican and the leaders tell you mood disorder 26990 purchase 50 mg asendin with amex, you say: Ok vascular depression definition cheap 50mg asendin amex, I have had enough with this Old Earth and I want to live a life of unconditional love depression zen buy discount asendin 50 mg on-line, peace and joy root depression definition cheap 50 mg asendin otc. And by acceptance, just like a commercial contract, it 543 is so enacted by your intent. So the story is similar but with a different twist from what the dominant religions tell you. But it is unfolding all around everyone at the same time if you have the eyes, ears and heart to open to this revelation. Then look around you and listen to what`s happening and what you feel in your heart. And the failure is usually because the masses do not want the product being flogged. And as has been pointed out, the new version seems to coincide with what we have summarized in the Aquarian Gospels in Part 1. And finally, you may have also picked up the notion that what this fellow Christ really taught is a whole lot different than what is taught by the dominant religions, in fact it is the same as what we just revealed as the New Earth version of Revelation in the previous chapter. The Shifting Consciousness Of New Earth So now we may ask: What is the Christ Consciousness The answer is that it has great relevance regardless of who wins the battle of Armageddon. If we revisit the first chapter to look at the table of "followers" of the top religions, they were, as of 2005 shown below. As in the United States, Buddhism is ranked among the fastest growing religions in many Western European countries. The Australian Bureau of Statistics through statistical analysis held Buddhism to be the fastest growing spiritual tradition/religion in Australia in terms of percentage gain with a growth of 79. However, because Australia is statistically small, no inferences can be drawn from that for the whole world. The American Religious Identification Survey gave non-religious groups the largest gain in terms of absolute numbers - 14,300,000 (8. Reuters describes how a study profiling the "No religion" demographic found that the so-called "Nones", at least in the U. A similar pattern has been found in other countries such as Australia, Canada and Mexico. According to statistics in Canada, the number of "Nones" more than doubled (an increase of about 60%) between 1985 and 2004. In Australia, census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics give "no religion" the largest gains in absolute numbers over the 15 years from 1991 to 2006, from 2,948,888 (18. What about those Christians who sit on a fence to still call themselves Christians but are not feeling "quite right" about the "Word of God" It is a new consciousness that has a common denominator similar to what Christ expressed. In most cases, what Christ expressed, manly that of love and peace is what these followers "select" out of the writings. In fact, most individuals go through many cycles of birth, living, death and rebirth. This is based on two fundamental principles: the principle of equality: that all living entities are equal. The principle of reciprocity: this is the "Golden Rule" in Christianity - to do onto others as you would wish them to do onto you. Mental development also strengthens and controls our mind; this helps us maintain good conduct. They may be described (somewhat simplistically) as: Dukkha: Suffering exists: (Suffering is real and almost universal. It can take many forms: craving of sensual pleasures; the desire for fame; the desire to avoid unpleasant sensations, like fear, anger or jealousy. They are somewhat analogous to the second half of the Ten Commandments in Judaism and Christianity - that part of the Decalogue which describes behaviours to avoid. Believers are expected to use their own intelligence in deciding exactly how to apply these rules: Do not kill.

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Cognitive and behavioral outcome following mild traumatic head injury in children mood disorder bc generic asendin 50mg mastercard. A longitudinal study of compensation-seeking and return to work in a treated mild traumatic brain injury sample depression young males order asendin online pills. Persistent post-concussive syndrome: A proposed methodology and literature review to determine the effects mood disorder episodes order 50mg asendin free shipping, if any depression biological definition buy asendin 50mg on line, of mild head and other bodily injury. Diagnostic criteria for malingered neurocognitive dysfunction: Proposed standards for clinical practice and research. Presence of post-concussion syndrome symptoms in patients with chronic pain vs mild traumatic brain injury. Further exploration of the effect of "diagnosis threat" on cognitive performance in individuals with mild head injury. Perceived cognitive deficits, emotional distress and disability following whiplash injury. Relationships among postconcussional-type symptoms, depression, and anxiety in neurologically normal young adults and victims of brain injury. Influence of item content and stereotype situation on gender differences in mathematical problem solving. Longitudinal trajectories of postconcussive symptoms in children with mild traumatic brain injuries and their relationship to acute clinical status. That is, the brain can move forward, backward and side-to-side (a rotational effect) sequentially and/or simultaneously within the skull. Acceleration and deceleration effects can lead to damage to the brain as it impacts on the bony surface of the skull, both at the site of impact (coup) and opposite to the point of impact (contrecoup). The acceleration and deceleration effects can also stretch and damage nerve axons and blood vessels, contributing to diffuse axonal injury (Fennell and Mickle 1992; Levin and Kraus 1994). Primary brain injury is due to mechanical damage that occurs at the time of injury as a result of contact between brain matter and the interior skull, and this includes lacerations (tears in brain tissue usually related to depressed skull fractures) and contusions (bruising or microscopic hemorrhages), and these usually occur at the sight of impact or at contrecoup areas. Internal rotational and velocity forces can also lead to tearing and stretching of axons within white matter (Goldstein and Powers 1994). Following the primary injury, secondary effects, such as hypoxia, hemorrhages, seizures, and edema may also occur. Edema, the rapid diffuse cerebral swelling that is due to increased fluid secondary to trauma, and/or intracranial hemorrhages can exacerbate the damage to brain function related to the primary injury, but can also lead to additional damage to brain parenchyma and further compromise recovery. The brain, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral blood and extracellular fluid, are all within the skull, and an increase in any one of these areas. Brain damage, related to neuronal apoptosis and/ or degeneration of synapses and/or axons and/or associated neuronal glia result from a complex neurochemical process. Up to half these injuries go unreported, or unrecognised, and are lost to follow-up (Elson and Ward 1994; Evans 1992), making study of "representative" samples difficult. In the weeks post-injury, a number of physical symptoms may occur, including fatigue, headache, drowsiness, irritability, labile mood, dizziness, and nausea and emesis. However, there is some agreement that there is a group, both children and adults, who continue to experience such symptoms, and go on to develop psychological and cognitive problems including anxiety, irritability and depression, reduced speed of information processing and executive control, and difficulties with memory and attention (Asanow et al. Brain imaging will often identify abnormalities associated with damage to the brain. Consciousness, and the ability to respond appropriately to the environment, depend on the functioning of the centers in the ascending reticular formation and on the level of communication between these centers and the cerebral cortex. Early assessment of the level of consciousness is essential, as it gives an indication of 768 C. After the recovery of consciousness, there may follow a period of time during which recent events are not recalled reliably or accurately. Advances to the understanding for the gradations in brain injury and distinctions between different forms of diffuse brain damage have increasingly become evident with advances in neuroimaging (Wilson et al. Like adults, residual physical, cognitive, and psychological/ psychiatric problems can occur in children/adolescents.

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Children can bury themselves making it possible for others to jump on them and cause injury (2) depression job burnout buy generic asendin 50mg. Severe anaphylaxis induced by latex as a contaminant of plastic balls in play pits bipolar depression journals cheap asendin online. A monthly safety check of all the equipment within the facility as a focused task provides an opportunity to notice wear and tear that requires maintenance rumination depression definition purchase asendin 50mg without a prescription. Observations should be made while the children are playing depression after test cycle discount generic asendin uk, too, to spot any maintenance problems and correct them as soon as possible. If an off-site play area is used, a safety check for hazardous materials within the play area should be done upon arrival to the off-site playground. Hazardous materials may have been left in the play area by other people before the arrival of children from the child care facility. If the playground is not safe, then alternate gross motor activities should be offered rather than allowing children to use equipment that is not safe for them because of hazards. Missing or displaced loosefill surfacing should be raked back into proper place or replaced so that a constant depth is maintained throughout the playground. All loose-fill surfacing material, particularly sand, should be inspected daily for: a) Debris (such as glass); b) Animal excrement, and other foreign material; c) Depth and compaction of surface; d) Standing water, ice, or snow. Loose fill surfaces should be hosed down for cleaning and raked or sifted to remove hazardous debris as often as needed to keep the surface free of dangerous, unsanitary materials. Check for packing as a result of rain or ice, and if found to be compressed, material should be turned over or raked up to increase resilience capacity. Play should not be permitted on structures in the area if a packed surface cannot be raked up or turned over. Cold temperatures may cause "packing," which causes the surface material to lose shockabsorbing capacity. Other materials, such as glass, debris, and animal excrement, present potential sources of injury or infection. Therefore, surfacing with ice or snow cannot be relied upon to absorb falls and prevent injuries. Sand is not an appropriate playground covering in areas where pets or animals are a problem. Standard specification for impact attenuation of surfacing materials within the use zone of playground equipment. Most children drown within a few feet of safety and in the presence of a supervising adult (1). Small fence openings (three and one-half inches or smaller) prevent children from passing through the fence (4). An effective fence is one that prevents a child from getting over, under, or through it and keeps the child from gaining access to the pool or body of water except when supervising adults are present. Fences are not childproof, but they provide a layer of protection for a child who strays from supervision. Fence heights are a matter of local ordinance but it is recommended that it should be at least five feet. A house exterior wall can constitute one side of a fence if the wall has no openings providing direct access to the pool. With fences made up of horizontal and vertical members, children should not be allowed to use the horizontal members as a form of ladder to climb into a swimming pool area. If the distance between horizontal members is less than forty-five inches, placing the horizontal members on the pool side of the fence will prevent children using this to climb over and into the pool area. However, if the horizontal members are greater than forty-five inches apart, it is more difficult for a child to climb and therefore the horizontal members could be placed on the side of the fence facing away from the pool (2). If the fence is made of horizontal and vertical members (like a typical wooden fence) and the distance between the tops of the horizontal parts of the fence is less than forty-five inches, the horizontal parts should be on the swimming pool side of the fence. The spacing of the vertical members should not exceed one and three-quarters inches. For a chain link fence, the mesh size should not exceed one and one-quarter square inches. Exit and entrance points should have self-closing, positive latching gates with locking devices a minimum of fifty-five inches from the ground. A wall of the child care facility should not constitute one side of the fence unless the wall has no openings capable of providing direct access to the pool (such as doors, windows, or other openings).

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Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved postpartum depression symptoms yahoo cheap asendin 50mg with mastercard. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires mood disorder 311 cheap 50mg asendin visa. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success anxiety 5x5 asendin 50 mg lowest price, you will lose all you have obtained what us bipolar depression discount asendin 50 mg without a prescription. This Satan guy has a role to explore the carnal self, rooted in the lower Body Power level we mentioned earlier. His leadership is to have his followers be totally focused on the self for personal desires, exploitation, and enjoyment of life. The obvious is that the mind and body are to express fully the carnal and physical desires without mercy or reservation. So Satan is the bad guy to tempts Earthlings to be a survivor and selfish to self, not others. And so he appears within multiple religious belief systems with a purpose of being the antichrist who cares little for others. There is a common presumption that all of these Satanic figures in the various religions must indeed be the same being, despite the fact that each religion has its own very unique perspective and description of this bad fellow named Satan. The most well known is the scene in Matthew where he tempts Jesus to turn away from God and worship him instead. While one could certainly read this as Satan setting himself up as a rival to God (as Christians commonly understand him to be doing), it is just as easy to read this as Satan carrying out his Old Testament role of tempter and tester of faith. Despite his brief Biblical appearances, Satan evolved into a truly malevolent and evil creature in the minds of Christians, a former angel rebelling against God who tortures the souls of everyone not saved through Jesus. He is twisted, corrupted, sadistic, sinful and corporeal, the complete opposite of spirituality and goodness. Part of the Christian perception of Satan comes from equating a number of other Biblical figures with Satan, including Lucifer, the dragon, the serpent, Beelzebub, and Leviathan, as well as the prince of the air and the prince of this world. Devil Worshippers this is the common name given by Satanists to those who worship the Christian version of Satan, viewing him as a lord of evil and wanton destruction. Devil worshippers generally fall into two categories: teens who embrace Satan as a form of rebellion and sociopaths who end up in prison after committing crimes in the name of Satan. Very few such people actually exist, although Christian-influenced communities periodically suffer hysterias in which members become convinced that large numbers of Devil Worshippers are organizing against them. The first is Iblis, which is his proper name (just as Christians use Satan or Lucifer). The second is shaitan, which is a noun or an adjective, describing any being that rebels against God. Ergo, there is one Iblis, and he is a shaitan, but there are other shaitans as well. When God commanded the angels and jinn to bow down before Adam, the jinn Iblis alone refused. Satan is not evil, but he does represent a variety of things branded as evil by the traditional religions and societies (particularly those influenced by traditional Christianity), including sexuality, pleasure, lust, cultural taboos, fertility, ego, pride, accomplishment, success, materialism, and hedonism. Joy of Satan Ministries Joy of Satan Ministries is one of many theistic Satanic groups. Like many theistic Satanists, JoS followers are generally polytheists, viewing Satan as one of many deities. Satan is the bringer of knowledge, and his desire is for his creations, humanity, to elevate itself through knowledge and understanding. While Satan is considered a deity within the JoS, the deities themselves are understood to be highly evolved, unaging, humanoid extra-terrestrials who created humanity as slave labor. Some of these aliens, called Nephilim, sired children with humans and struggled against the tyrannical regime. While most of the Elohim want humanity to develop and grow, Satan considers them a threat, is against the genetic experiments that created them, and believes they should be destroyed. He is blamed for some of the catastrophes that the Bible blames on God such as the Great Flood that destroys everyone save Noah and his family.

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