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By: C. Curtis, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Vice Chair, The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix

This project on Grapewin is not a well designed geographically nor consistent with avoiding neighborhood exposure to Microwave Radiation antibiotic medications buy zertalin 500mg line. This is why the current site is Opposed by the residents and request that Verizon should seek a site that is not in a neighborhood bacteria helicobacter pylori buy zertalin american express. It is dollars and cents for the applicant and Verizon antibiotic nclex questions quality 250mg zertalin, it is quality of life and concern for children and elderly for those that would be forced to live in the shadow of the tower antibiotic vitamin buy zertalin discount. Because the antennas need to be high in the air, they are often located on towers, poles, water tanks, or rooftops. In urban and suburban areas, wireless providers now more commonly use panel or sector antennas for their base stations. The individual pattern for a single array of sector antennas is wedge-shaped, like a piece of pie. The issue at the present time is not whether such evidence exists, but rather what weight to give it. These include: the World Health Organization, noting reports of "cancer, reduced fertility, memory loss, and adverse changes in the behavior and development of children. In order to affirm conformity to standards regarding heating of tissue, measurements are time averaged over 0. Air Force, a highly recognized physician in the area of the impact of radiation on the human body, Dr. Also I would fund targeted studies using animal subjects and human groups living or working in high radiation settings or heavy cellular phone users, emphasizing disease causations. I urge acceptance of the ideal that there should be no unmonitored occupational or environmental exposures whose associated disease rates are unknown. In these studies, confounding by genotoxic agents (tobacco, solvents) and comparability between the exposed and control groups are of concern. They include the induction of opacities of the lens of the eye, possible effects on development and male fertility, various physiological and thermoregulatory responses to heat, and a decreased ability to perform mental tasks as body temperature increases. Similar effects have been reported in people subject to heat stress, for example while working in hot environments or by fever. In contrast, non-thermal effects are not well established and currently do not form a scientifically acceptable basis for restricting human exposure for frequencies used by hand-held radiotelephones and base stations. This shows that "acceptable" levels of radiation can cause human cancer cells to multiply faster. The authors note that "because of reported associations between cellular 11 phone exposure and the occurrence of a brain tumor, glioblastoma, a human glioblastoma cell line was used" in their research. Michael Repacholi (in 1997, currently the director of the International Electromagnetic Fields Project at the World Health Organization) took one hundred transgenic mice and exposed some to radiation for two 30 minute periods a day for up to 18 months. Repacholi stated "I believe this is the first animal study showing a true non-thermal effect. Ross Adey (Veterans Administration Hospital at Loma Linda University in 1996) found what appeared to be a protective effect in rats exposed to the type of radiation used in digital cellular phones. Interestingly this effect was not present when a nondigital, analog signal was used. This study shows that low power fields of the digital cellular frequency can influence cancer development. Whether they would protect or promote in our children is a question for further study. He presented the findings of the analog cellular phone radiation effect at the June 1997 2nd World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine in Bologna, Italy. Lacking either responsibility or accountability, they have created feeding frenzies from the tiniest snippets of information gleaned from scientific meetings or from their own inaccurate interpretation of published research. Because of public pressure for rapid answers to very complex biological and physical issues, short-term research programs have been funded to answer specific questions about certain health risks. The exposed group was found to have a significantly higher incidence of primary cancers. Szmigielski, "Cancer Morbidity in Subjects Occupationally Exposed to High Frequency (Radiofrequency and Microwave) Electromagnetic Radiation, " the Science of the Total Environment 180:9-17, 1996 [back] 11. Thus the effects observed possibly could be associated with alterations of memory and learning functions. Here is the abstract on a paper concerning headaches and cellular phone radiation. These were observed during the course of microwave hearing research before there were cellular telephones.

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Ongoing efforts to achieve this goal include: o Pursuing additional funding through grants antibiotics for uti for toddler cheap zertalin 100mg with amex, cooperative agreements and other opportunities to enhance core programs antibiotics used for sinus infections uk order 100mg zertalin otc. Increase customer service levels by continuously improving processes and customer interfaces virus 68 ny buy online zertalin. Governance and administration the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority is governed by a 13-member authority bacterial rash order zertalin 500 mg with amex, including the president of the University of Oklahoma, the president of Oklahoma State University, the state superintendent of public instruction, the chancellor of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the president of one of the state-supported four-year colleges to be chosen by the presidents of this group of institutions, the president of one of the state-supported two-year colleges to be chosen by the presidents of this group of institutions, and seven additional members to be appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate, to serve sevenyear terms. Page 383 the appointed members shall have been residents of the state for at least five years preceding the date of their appointment. The appointed members shall include one member from each of the congressional districts and any remaining members shall be appointed from the state at large. A majority of the appointed members shall be actively engaged in the profession of education. The authority shall adopt by-laws, maintain an office, control television channels and facilities, employ engineers, attorneys, accountants, construction and financial experts, superintendents, managers and other employees and agents as may be necessary in its judgement and to fix their compensation. The current director, who serves at the pleasure of the authority, is Polly Anderson. The production and selection of the programming is determined by community needs, viewer feedback, viewer surveys, focus groups and other research data. Four fundamental principles Page 385 guide this program: educational content, educational integrity, quality and local focus. The Tulsa operation produces local programming, including news and current affairs programs, for statewide distribution. The system supplies more than 35, 000 hours of programming annually, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year with four separate free, over-the-air broadcast channels. All network origination comes from the network technical center in Oklahoma City with programming from local production in Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, the Public Broadcasting Service, other networks such as the National Educational Telecommunications Association and syndicated program services. Information technology Information services provides support for the information technology needs of all agency programs. Page 386 Performance and projects Key Performance Measures by program Program: programming and production Goal Develop and disseminate strong educational community programs. This program provides educational development both through on-line services and on-air programming. Accomplishments Provided over 500 hours of original Oklahoma content covering state government, Oklahoma arts and culture, Oklahoma history, business, economic development and agriculture. These services are provided to approximately 2, 000, 000 weekly viewers across Oklahoma. The service provides over 100, 000 educational digital assets, including lesson plans, videos, worksheets and more. Page 388 Office of Management and Enterprise Services Page 389 Agency information Office of Management and Enterprise Services Mission Supporting our partners through unified business services. State revenue tracking and analysis and staffing for the State Board of Equalization. Gaming Compliance ensures gaming entities operate in accordance with the Tribal Gaming Compact and federal regulations, participates in specific task forces with other state and federal agencies and represents the state in federal litigation. This department also provides payroll shared services to approximately 60 state agencies. Agency Business Services performs financial transaction processing as a shared service to state agencies. Currently it serves approximately 60 state entities, providing budget, procure-to-pay, account reconciliation, financial reporting and billing and accounts receivable services. Transaction Processing monitors and processes all PeopleSoft expenditure transactions, such as the payment of employee payroll, travel vouchers and supplier/vendor vouchers. Central Purchasing State Use is a mandated purchasing program that facilitates contracts between the State of Oklahoma and statutorily qualified organizations. Agency-Specific Procurement assists agencies with purchases that are not on statewide contracts in compliance with the Central Purchasing Act and manages the Performance Information Procurement System, sole source contracts, and solicitations including request for proposal, request for quote or an invitation to bid. This department focuses on reporting and other programs that address compliance for Central Purchasing as a whole. Page 392 Clients served: Approximately 14, 296 clients served in state agencies, county offices, higher education institutions, K-12 schools, career technology centers and municipalities. Capital Assets Management Central Printing and Interagency Mail oversees printing, mailing and distribution services for the State of Oklahoma; state agencies; and any city, county or municipality within the State of Oklahoma. Federal Surplus Property Re-utilization is the monitoring and requesting entity for equipment donated by the federal government to state agencies or to local enforcement agencies in Oklahoma.

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General Operations this program antibiotics for acne redness buy cheapest zertalin, through its executive and finance divisions antibiotics for dogs ears uk purchase zertalin 500 mg with visa, provides administrative direction antibiotics for uti macrobid order cheap zertalin line, supervision and support to the agency bacterial tracheitis purchase zertalin 500mg otc, all agency staff, as well as the administration of agency contracts. In accordance with the Indigent Defense Act, the agency provides non-capital trial services in 55 counties through fiscal year contracts with private attorneys at a flat rate; in 20 counties through staffed satellite offices; and where a conflict of interest arises precluding staff or contractor representation, through agreements with private attorneys on a case-bycase basis to accept court appointments at established agency hourly rates, subject to maximum amounts set by the board. Regional offices Staff attorneys provide services in 20 Oklahoma counties, through satellite offices operated in Norman, Mangum, Clinton, Guymon, Okmulgee and Sapulpa. The remainder of the counties are represented by private providers and accounted for in Program 40. Trial Services the Trial Services program provides services through the Non-capital Trial Division, the Capital Trial ­ Tulsa Division and the Capital Trial ­ Norman Division. The Non-capital Trial Division in turn provides services through staff attorneys in its satellite offices (identified as the Regional Office Program), and through noncapital contracts (identified as the Non-capital Contracts program). The Capital Trial divisions provide services through staff attorneys, except in cases of a conflict of interest, in which case services are provided by contract attorneys. Performance and projects Key performance measures by program Program: General Operations Goal Legal representation. Provide legal representation to clients who have been judicially determined to be unable to afford counsel. This performance measure reflects the entire number of cases handled by the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System through staff and contract counsel. The state must provide necessary expert, investigative and translator services to an indigent defendant in a criminal prosecution. Further, the state cannot permit delays in either trial or appellate court proceedings due to a lack of indigent defense funding. Failure to meet these mandates arising under the state and federal constitutions may result in reversal of convictions, release of individuals from custody pending trial and civil liability on the part of state officials. The Oklahoma Indigent Defense System utilizes standards developed in 1973 by the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, appointed by the Administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the U. These standards have been further adopted by the American Bar Association and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association. These standards are based on caseloads and do not take into account non-case related tasks, such as supervision and extensive travel time incurred by system attorneys necessary to handle statewide areas of responsibility. The standards utilized by the system recommend that attorneys handle no more than: 150 felonies, 400 misdemeanors, 200 juvenile delinquencies, 25 non-capital appeals, three capital cases or three capital appeals. This data summarizes the additional number of attorneys which would be required for the system to meet recommended standards. The Oklahoma Indigent Defense System currently needs an additional 60 attorneys to meet nationally recommended attorney staffing standards. Accomplishments Despite caseloads greatly exceeding national standards, the agency has continued to provide effective legal representation to its court-appointed clients, ensuring constitutional mandates under the federal and Oklahoma constitutions are met. This consolidation, in addition to implementation of case management software, will better serve agency clients and realize cost savings. Agency goals the agency anticipates an increase in its caseload during fiscal year 2020. Another agency goal is to obtain additional funding to: 1) increase salaries of staff attorneys to achieve salary parity with Oklahoma prosecutors to reduce attrition and comply with defense Page 277 standards; 2) increase hourly rates paid to contract attorneys to avoid an inability to provide counsel when ordered to do so by the district courts; and 3) increase cost-per-case rates paid to county contractors to continue to attract competent and effective counsel. Finally, with the implementation of new case-management software, a goal of the agency is to collect more data to better allocate resources in providing legal representation to its courtappointed clients. The current director, Vicki Kuestersteffen, has served since May 2017 and receives an annual salary $120, 000. Page 280 Name William Hart Joseph Stile Karen Reiger Chuck Thompson Rob McCalla Appointing Authority Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor Appointment Date 07/01/2018 07/01/2017 07/01/2016 07/01/2018 07/01/2016 Confirmation Date 07/01/2018 07/01/2017 07/01/2016 07/01/2018 07/01/2016 Term End Date 06/30/2021 06/30/2020 06/30/2019 06/30/2021 06/30/2019 Programs Page 281 Patient services J. Medical services include pediatrics, pediatric dentistry, neurology and ophthalmology. Therapeutic services provided include physical, occupational and speech therapy; psychological services; nutritional counseling; and treating feeding and swallowing disorders. The center uses live, interactive video technology to provide physical, occupational, speech-language and counseling services to children throughout Oklahoma. McCarty Center also offers independent living skills training for older teens to assist them in becoming capable of living independently. Information Services this division supports the information technology needs of agency programs. Capital projects designed to enhance efficiencies or effectiveness of services are presented annually by all departments in July and ranked by all hospital leadership (representatives from every department and service provided by hospital) to identify top ranking capital improvement projects for hospital quality improvement.

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Improvement in Functional Outcomes amical 48 antimicrobial buy cheapest zertalin, Decreasing Health Care System Utilization antibiotic resistance reversal buy cheap zertalin 500mg on line, and Other Outcomes Functional Outcomes Tohen et al antimicrobial 8536 buy zertalin cheap. The same trial140 assessed health-related quality of life using the Short Form­36 (Table 73) antibiotics for uti sulfa discount zertalin 100 mg on line. Results showed a significant difference on the mental summary score favoring haloperidol and a significant difference on the physical summary score favoring olanzapine (Table 73). Evidence summary table: haloperidol versus olanzapine (continued) Participants Effect Estimate I2 Favors Other Outcomes Relapse rates140 1 453 0. This trial did not report core illness symptoms, or investigate subgroups (Table 76). No significant differences between groups were found for response rates or remission rates. Evidence summary table: haloperidol versus quetiapine Participants Effect Estimate Other Outcomes Remission rates115 1 201 1. Other outcomes were assessed in single studies and no significant differences were reported. Four trials90, 128, 133, 138 involving 463 adults with bipolar disorder compared haloperidol with risperidone. Key characteristics of the included trials and summary findings are presented in Table 77 and Table 78. All studies restricted inclusion to patients with no comorbid drug or alcohol use. Two studies128, 138 only included patients with multiple episodes; two studies90, 133 included both patients with first and multiple episodes. Dosages for haloperidol ranged from 4­20 mg/d and for risperidone ranged from 2­10 mg/d. Duration of followup was 6 weeks in three studies90, 128, 133 and 12 weeks in the fourth. Publication bias was not formally tested for any of the outcomes due the small number of included trials. The SoE for all the evaluated outcomes was insufficient or low due to the small number of included trials (Table 79). Improving Core Illness Symptoms All four trials90, 128, 133, 138 presented results for mood (mania) using two scales. One trial90 (n = 62) assessed mania symptoms using the Clinician-Administered Rating Scale for Mania; no differences between groups were found. Positive and Negative Symptoms 103 Global Ratings and Total Scores Two trials90, 133 presented results for global ratings and total symptom scores using two scales. The study population was mixed with respect to first and previous episodes as well as treatment resistance. Improvement in Functional Outcomes, Decreasing Health Care System Utilization, and Other Outcomes Other Outcomes One trial90 comparing 4­20 mg/d haloperidol with 2­10 mg/d risperidone assessed response rates and and found no difference between groups. A significant difference favoring haloperidol was found for the improvement of core illness symptoms, response rates, and for subgroup analysis of disorder subtype (Table 81). The SoE for all the evaluated outcomes was insufficient due to the inclusion of only a single trial (Table 82). The evidence was insufficient to allow conclusions for the remaining comparisons, primarily because only single studies provided data. SoE Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Low Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient Insufficient 106 Table 83. General Measures Specific Measures No differences were found in single trials reporting the incidence of agitation, 153 depression, 152 and increasing paranoia and excitement. Gastrointestinal No differences were found in the incidence of abdominal cramps (1 trial), 160 constipation (4 trials), 63, 94, 109, 152 diarrhea (1 trial), 160 heartburn (1 trial), 160 and nausea or vomiting (3 trials). Sleep No differences in the incidence of deep sleep or sleep disturbances were reported in a single trial. The incidence of orthostatic hypotension, dry mouth, unsteady gait, and constipation was less frequent with olanzapine. Specific Measures Behavior and Psychosis the incidence of mania in a single trial33 was less frequent with haloperidol.

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