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By: U. Jensgar, MD

Deputy Director, Georgetown University School of Medicine

One of the earliest recorded meetings on bisexuality took place at a gathering of Quakers (Friends) in upstate New York in the early 1970s hypertension 24 order 80mg exforge mastercard. Bisexual activist Stephen Donaldson-the same the San Francisco Bisexual Center was located on Hayes Street just north of the Golden Gate Park panhandle how is pulse pressure used as a diagnostic tool discount exforge online mastercard, in the bottom flat of a two-flat building that is now a residence pulse pressure 42 exforge 80mg generic. The San Francisco Bisexual Center was founded by Maggi Rubenstein and Harriet Levi blood pressure chart philippines discount 80mg exforge amex. Before it closed in 1984, it provided a newsletter, support groups, counseling, social activities, a presence in Pride marches, and was internationally renowned. In 1981, Howard University purchased the Harambee House Hotel from the federal Economic Development Administration. Profitable in the 1980s, Howard University operated the hotel until 1995, when they closed it after continued financial losses. See Amy Andre, "Obama Administration Invites Bisexual Leaders to the White House," Huffpost Queer Voices, August 27, 2013. Fritz Klein, has helped perhaps more than anyone else to facilitate bisexual networking and conferences. He also traveled widely, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, connecting bisexual communities around the world with each other, and helping to start international bisexual conferences in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Vancouver. Klein himself was bicoastal, living for a long time in New York City and then moving to San Diego. He started the first peerreviewed scholarly journal on bisexuality, the Journal of Bisexuality. Klein founded the American Institute of Bisexuality in 1998 to encourage research and education about bisexuality. The Friends General Conference took place in June 1972 at Ithaca College, 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, New York. His book, the Bisexual Option, was one of the first studies that did not pathologize bisexuality, and that gave the identity legitimacy. Klein lived with his partner, Tom Reise, in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of San Diego, California from 1995 until his death in 2006. The school is located directly across from Dolores Park in the Mission District, and in the beautiful weather that weekend, many conference goers took their conversations out onto the grass across the street and created impromptu workshops on the balconies and in the courtyard of the old school. One of the most prominent was Cliff Arnesen, who was dishonorably discharged from the military for being bisexual (Figure 9). Protesting Amongst Our Own As mentioned earlier, a lot of the hard work of bisexual organizing occurs within non-bisexual organizations. These may not be openly welcoming to people with bisexual identities but may include many closeted bisexuals among them, whether passing as heterosexual, lesbian/gay, or both. More explicitly, the work of dismantling bisexual erasure and invisibility is constant. This, alas, is almost as likely to occur within gay and lesbian oriented organizations as it is within those more in the mainstream. It is located at 2-10 Astor Place, 64 65 08-28 Making Bisexuals Visible called, "Bisexual Men: Fact or Fiction In response, institute staff agreed to withdraw the workshop from their curriculum. In November 1991, Creating Change drew almost one thousand participants to Alexandria, Virginia. The Hetrick-Martin Institute operated the school until 2002, when it became a fully accredited public school under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Education. In 1999, Hilton Hotels and Resorts bought the hotel; it is now the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. Things came to a head at the 1996 conference when the number of discriminatory acts and remarks against bisexuals and transgender people reached such a peak that a Bi/Trans Action at the main plenary on Saturday morning was planned. Before the keynote speeches began, activists took to the stage recounting examples of biphobic and transphobic offenses committed against them during that weekend conference. They asked everyone in the room who identified as bi and/or transgender, and/or who was an ally, to stand up and be counted and to vow to confront biphobic and transphobic actions and attitudes in the future. Although the Bi/Trans Action was not included in the Gay and Lesbian Task Force press release following the conference, they did note that the first significant conversation between bisexual and transgender activists and members of the administration had occurred that weekend. Richard Socarides, outgoing White House liaison to the g/l/b/t community, met with the bi and transgender leaders to hear their concerns in a meeting that was described as productive and promising.

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The American Intelligence Services were still involved in funding the occult blood pressure chart by race cheapest exforge, but their influence was more ingratiating than dictatorial heart attack high the honeymoon is over purchase discount exforge on line. Materials (and indeed pulse pressure pediatrics cheap exforge 80mg on-line, people) have been concealed and lost on oil tankers for years blood pressure chart age 65 buy 80 mg exforge with mastercard. I knew her as Lilith, a High Priestess of an ultra-secretive Black Order of Typhon. Her long cruel fingernails were enamelled in the chic and expensive titillations of her victims and their fantasies. Her clientele included the top end of town and she frequented the boardrooms and bathrooms of power with an essence of mystery, wealth and alluring sluttiness that won her the attention and influence of very many. I had first met her at a stately home in an inner Sydney suburb at one of the regular Black Masses held to strengthen the bonds of lust, occult knowledge and perversion. Like all Satanists, he believed that truth and salvation could be found through the exploration of repressed human needs; that pornography gave joy and joy gave strength. Through his dedication and perverse ability, he had secured her co-operation to begin her new education for her assigned task of political intrigue and influential debasement. These were taken from single girls by promises, for a fee or occasionally, simple stolen. Once you have seen a young child crucified 398 or a baby kicked to death you are and can never be the same again. The most disturbing aspect of the Black Masses held in Sydney was and remains the ease with which victims were and continue to be obtained and the lack of any effective interest by the police (although a number of Police Commissioners from various States were members of the Order). The Alpha-Lodge to which I was a member placed a great deal of emphasis upon Magic, both in theory and practice. Demons were evoked and dispatched; sigils made and sacrifice and the letting of blood encouraged. In this regard, many who bask in their own limited knowledge believe that Aleister Crowley is the father of modern manifestations of Satanism, but this is incorrect. Perhaps Crowley is the grandfather of modern left-hand path groups, but their stepfather is Peter James Carroll, the founder of the Chaos Magick School. There are a number of reasons for this and the various Black Lodges within Australia have developed from their early twentieth century reliance upon recruiting from fringe Masonic groups, through High Magick in the nineteen twenties, Low Magick in the nineteen sixties and seventies to their current prospective candidates from amongst Chaos Magick practitioners (who are generally young, ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic and destined by their lifestyle choices to the shadowy world of Satanism). A number of up-market Escort agencies in Australia and elsewhere are operated by Black Magicians. Yet brothels and pornography comprise only a small financial part of the International Satanic Empire. It was Henry Kissinger who proposed the use of fundamentalist Christianity to bring about war, firstly in the Middle East and then globally. Indeed, there are a number of flourishing secret shrines dedicated to him and his memory throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. He counselled that the public is not concerned with satanic manipulators but only with petty criminals and little issues which affect their insignificant lives directly. As the status quo is maintained by the masses, it gets heavier the deeper it sinks and the greater its fears. The fact that for most people the days repeat endlessly until death relieves them speaks volumes about the (sub-) human condition! Dark Path adepts do this in insignificant ways until they have the power and ability to move and direct people to more gross and hideous behaviours. If you doubt the influence of Satanism in the modern world consider the following issues: According to the World Bank, Australia is the wealthiest (or second wealthiest, after South Africa) nation on Earth. Who owns and controls the Reserve Bank of Australia (hint, it is the same people who own the American Federal Reserve and the Bank of England) I attended a ritual conducted in his creepy Blue Mountains home which became a museum.

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The theoretical and evidential basis for this proposition blood pressure 150 90 purchase exforge with visa, together with future research needs pulse pressure 63 cheap exforge 80 mg otc, form the final portion of this chapter pulmonary hypertension 70 mmhg purchase cheap exforge. A Brief History of Organized Efforts to Change Population Behavior to Improve Health Governments across time have had an interest in the health of their populations to ensure arrhythmia 29 years old buy exforge line, among other things, a productive workforce and sufficient numbers of fit and able people to join the military. This reflected changes in the pattern of diseases affecting their populations, as well as changes in employment and growing affluence. We outline the emerging policy focus through that century towards the four sets of behavior that today form the cornerstone of policies aimed at preventing chronic noncommunicable diseases (Table 1). The major threats to life, particularly for children, were those from infectious diseases, and so attempts to control their spread were the policy focus. Sanitary reforms in the 19th century to ensure clean water and safe sewage disposal had already done much to reduce infant mortality, along with the creation of public health institutions operating most often locally. Policies to address these problems in the United States included the food stamp program. Prohibition in the United States resulted in a nationwide ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in 1920, halving consumption but increasing organized crime, the latter contributing to the repeal of this legislation in 1933. Alcohol consumption was reduced in Britain during the First World War following legislation that increased the price of beer and reduced licensing hours. During the two wars in this period (1914-1918 and 1939-1945) tobacco companies vied with each other to provide troops with cigarettes as part of their rations. The 1980s onwards saw the publication of many policy documents targeting obesity largely through the provision of information about diet and physical activity. While rates of obesity in the United Kingdom and United States are beginning to plateau, it is unclear which if any interventions have contributed to this change. Evidence accumulated to show that policies that targeted the first two of these could reduce consumption, with the body of evidence regarding the connection between marketing and consumption being small and weak. Tobacco In the second half of the 20th century, tobacco was recognized as a lethal product. Nonetheless, tobacco consumption remains the leading cause of preventable death in both countries and is a key contributor to health disparities. Levels of physical activity declined globally during the latter half of the 20th century including in the United States and United Kingdom, principally reflecting reductions in occupational and travel-related activity, and increases in time spent in sedentary behavior. Exercise, one form of physical activity, was largely viewed as a means of achieving and maintaining fitness for military action or sporting achievement. Physical Activity 112 It was during this period that lifestyle or health-related behavior was increasingly recognized as a risk factor for disease. The Framingham study was the first to use the term "risk factor" in 1961 to describe the role of diet in heart disease. This shift was reflected in the growing number of citations to "health behavior" in the American Journal of Public Health (Figure 5). Citations to "health behavior" in the American Journal of Public Health: 1912-2008 Source: Armstrong, 2009. Intervening to Change Health Behavior to Prevent Disease Interventions that characterized attempts to change behavior at the population level varied with the target behavior, but mainly involved one of two approaches: those that required regulation, by altering the price and availability of two of the three sets of products increasingly associated with health harms (tobacco and alcohol), and educational or information-based approaches in which information was provided to persuade individuals to change their behavior. A wide variety of materials have been used to convey information including messages on television, leaflets, billboards, and direct communication in health education or counseling contexts being aimed at a range of audiences. The target for these interventions was usually particular behaviors, such as smoking, but with a gradual shift towards interventions that targeted multiple behaviors using education, counseling, or both. There is a growing recognition of the limited effectiveness of such information-based interventions, with a recent systematic review of the evidence concluding that one-to-one, family oriented or worksite-based interventions are ineffective in general populations in reducing cardiovascular mortality or clinical events. The reason for this is evident in the more recent scientific literature on behavior and behavior change. This highlights the potentially greater effectiveness for changing behavior across populations of interventions that involve changing environments (with the potential to influence many people) and that focus on nonconscious processes (which appear more potent in eliciting many health-related behaviors).

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Reichard blood pressure chart home use buy discount exforge 80mg line, "Individualism and Mythological Style hypertension occurs when buy exforge 80mg low price," Journal of American Folklore 57 (1944): 23 hypertension 1 and 2 cheap generic exforge uk. Faris arteria capodanno 2013 bologna buy cheap exforge, the Nightway: A History and a History of Documentation of a Navajo Ceremonial (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1990), 87. Wheelwright asked him if he would be willing to place his ceremonial equipment and weavings in a place where they would be preserved and could be studied. In 1934, Klah returned to Chicago to demonstrate sandpainting and display his tapestries at the Century of Progress International Exhibition. The 2010 film Two Spirits relates the story of a young Navajo named Fred Martinez, Jr. His mother supported him, but living off the reservation he had no access to traditional extended family support systems or mentoring. Tragically, as the film relates, Fred was murdered in 2001 by a young Anglo man in a brutal hate crime. The incident shocked the community, and in its aftermath the local high school changed its dress code and instituted anti-bullying programs to protect gay and transgender children, while local law enforcement officials gained awareness of the seriousness of crimes motivated by homophobia and transphobia. In so doing, such people cross over (trans-) the gender categories that organize the historically specific ways we all imagine ourselves to be the particular kind of persons that we are. It seems that however a given culture constructs its typical ways of being a person, some members of that culture do it differently, for whatever reason. People with what we might now call transgender feelings about themselves have often resisted the moral, legal, and medical characterizations of their lives that have resulted in their social oppression. At the same time they have sought to be recognized legally and socially as the kind of gendered person they consider themselves to be, and may also have sought medical treatment or psychotherapeutic support for expressing their gender. Since the nineteenth century, the struggles of such people have formed one thread in the larger historical tapestry of identity-based social movements that have sought to better the conditions of life for people in marginalized minority communities in the United States. There is an extensive literature on cross-cultural gender variance; some helpful starting places are: Trystan Cotten, ed. This is not to say that such indigenous persons can or should be slotted into a contemporary "transgender" category, but to note that Eurocentric notions of transgender are inextricably caught up in colonial practices for the management of cultural difference. Important sites for transgender history thus include places where soldiers, missionaries, and settlers encountered indigenous practices that did not align with their own sense of proper expressions of gender and sexuality. Jacques Marquette, the first European known to have visited the Upper Mississippi, observed "men who do everything women do" in his travels in what is now Illinois, between 1673 and 1677. Primary documents in English translation are included in Jonathan Katz, Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U. Specifically mentioned in the article are the Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmelo (Carmel Mission); Mission San Antonio de Padua (Mission San Antonio); Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala (Mission San Diego); Mission Santa Barbara; Mission San Jose; Mission San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores); Mission Santa Clara de Asis (Mission Santa Clara); and Mission Santa Ynez (Mission Santa Ines). It is by looking at the lives of transgender, transsexual, cross-dressing, and gender variant individuals and groups that we reveal the historical geographies of American transgender history. Cases involving gendervariant people are present in some of the earliest legal records of the Anglo-American colonies. In 1629, the Virginia Court in Williamsburg heard testimony to decide the fate of one Thomasine or Thomas Hall, apparently an individual born with physically ambiguous genitalia who lived as both a man and a woman at different periods of life. Raised in England as a girl, Hall presented as a man to become a sailor, presented again as a woman to work as a lacemaker, and eventually became an indentured servant in Virginia as a man. Accused of performing an illicit sexual act with a female servant, the question before the Virginia Court was to determine whether Hall was male, and therefore guilty of fornication, or female, and therefore guilty of no crime, given that sexual activity between women was considered physically impossible. Marquette and Louis Joliet," Wisconsin Historical Markers (blog), wisconsinhistoricalmarkers. For an insightful discussion of the Hall case, see Mary Beth Norton, Founding Mothers and Fathers: Gendered Power and the Forming of American Society (New York: Vintage, 1997), 183-202. These lives leave traces on the physical landscape, shaping the laws and spaces designed to regulate gender and sexuality.

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