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By: L. Lester, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

According to Bright symptoms 13dpo buy quetiapine 300 mg with amex, one can read a portion of the Bible and then meditate on it treatment of gout discount quetiapine on line, and others may want to use a devotional book which contains passages of Scripture medicine pills purchase quetiapine on line amex. Second treatment 101 generic quetiapine 300mg fast delivery, he recommended taking a few minutes each day to memorize portions ofthe Bible. He named numerous tools which would assist one in his study: two different versions ofthe Bible, one topical study Bible; a concordance; a Bible 29Ibid. Whitney recommends finding "at least one word, phrase, or verse to meditate on" each time one reads the Bible. It involves no hidden mysteries, no secret mantras, no mental gymnastics, no esoteric flights into the cosmic consciousness. Bright also stated that one can engage in Bible study, prayer, personal worship, and meditation all in the same devotional time. Bright added, "The Navigators are well-known for their wonderful Scripture memory resources. Whitney says that memorization of the Bible supplies spiritual power, Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines, 42. Also look for basic information such as when the event occurred (historical and cultural background) and the characteristics of the main character. Regarding what the passage means, he added: "From the basic facts, you can then find the meaning in the text. To help you understand areas that are not clear to you in the passage, look up crossreferences before you consult your study aids. Then write out a personal prayer related to the main application asking the Holy Spirit to help you apply it to your life. Regarding the passage relating to the rest of the Bible, he pointed out: "No passage of Scripture stands alone. Read other portions of Scripture related to the passage you are studying to see how they fit together. Also scan the entire book in which the passage is recorded to get a clearer idea of how the passage relates to the whole. LeRoy Eims also recommended asking the 'who, what, where, when, why, and how questions" in personal Bible study. In addition, Whitney asks excellent questions of the text: does this text reveal something I should believe about God; praise or thank or trust God for; pray about for myself or others; something I should have a new attitude about; something I should make a decision about; something I should do for the sake of Christ, others, or myself Chuck Lawless points out that discipled church members are "ready to face the battles that accompany evangelism. Bright, in training disciples in witnessing, divided his plan into two categories-personal preparation and taking the initiative. In personal preparation, he began by telling his readers to be sure that they are Christians. Bright noted: "In hundreds of our training conferences, which are attended by sincere and dedicated church members in each community, ten to twenty-five percent usually indicate that they either received Christ or gained the assurance of their salvation as a result of the training. Bright continued, "Make a prayer list or keep a prayer diary and pray for specific nonChristians and Christians by name and for specific events. Richard Foster suggests, "Of all the Spiritual Disciplines prayer is the most central because it ushers us into perpetual communion with the Father. Bright described three "sound barriers" that one usually has to break through in a witnessing encounter. Bright pointed out, "Once we tum the conversation from dating, fashions, politics, work, sports, or any other topic to spiritual things, we have broken the first barrier. Bright declared, "We must blast through this one also because many people, when they understand who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for them, will want Him in their lives. Bright realized that this barrier can be the most difficult; however, one must ask the person ifthey would like to receive Christ. He declares, "Prayer was as much a part of the calling of the early church as were worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.

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In Archeological Sites Management Information System terminology medicine 831 purchase generic quetiapine online, the 41 localities are called sub-sites useless id symptoms purchase quetiapine now. In addition to pedestrian visual examination of the ground surface symptoms 2 months pregnant buy discount quetiapine 200 mg on line, limited test excavations were conducted in 1997 at localities 31 (the Richner site) and 32 (a stone circular alignment site) medicine woman strain generic quetiapine 100 mg without a prescription. In 1997 aerial overflight photographs were taken of the monument, a series of permanent reference points were established on the ground, and a photogrammetric base map of the entire monument was created to scales of 1:1000 and 1:3500, with a 50-cm contour interval. This map serves as the archeological resource base map of the monument, among other uses by monument staff. Catlin, George 1839 Account of a Journey to the Coteau des Prairies, with a Description of the Red Pipe Stone Quarry and Granite Boulders Found There. An Archeological Inventory and Overview of Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota. Report in preparation, National Park Service, Midwest Archeological Center, Lincoln. A Field Research Project, in accordance with the National Park Service, Midwest Region, Purchase Order No. Nebraska Center for Archaeophysical Research, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Croix National Scenic Riverway is located at the western margins of the Upper Great Lakes, between the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota where it forms a 255-mile (400-km) linear park from the southern Lake Superior basin to the Mississippi River. Croix and the Namekagon rivers that form a transect through southern boreal forest, northern hardwood forest, central grassland prairie, and riparian communities. For the riverway, virtually nothing is known about Paleoindian or Archaic cultures, although there are well-documented sites outside the riverway boundaries. The Middle Woodland substage is recognized, materially, by its ceramic types, notched projectile points, elaborate mortuary sites, and by the presence of a high proportion of exotic raw materials. Croix sites indicate a widespread area of cultural interaction, encompassing the western Lake Superior basin, the western Lake Michigan basin, the rice district, and the upper Mississippi River. The basic subsistence pattern included a mixed strategy of deer hunting and foraging with increasing use of wild rice. Oneota communities with distinctive plain surfaced ceramics decorated by trailing and incising, and tempered with shell occur on some of the major river systems in southern Minnesota. Croix Riverway there is but one documented Oneota site, the Sheffield site, located on the floodplain of the St. Croix area at contact and in the subsequent historic period: Sioux, Ojibwa, and Menomini. Occasional visits by the Winnebago, Fox, Sauk, and other groups are also documented. There is a wealth of historic records left by fur traders, explorers, and early settlers to the area. Subsequent economic development included logging, farming, mining, and recreation, none of which are particularly well represented in the archeological literature for the area. Archeological sites have been explored in the riverway since long before it become a part of the National Park Service system. The area was known in the early part of this century for its groups of conical mounds perched along the bluffs overlooking the St. Many of those features, however, have since been lost to development and agriculture. Rock art sites also were recorded in the Lower District (Harvey 1944), most of which are still believed to survive. Croix (now Stillwater District) to the riverway, a major site survey program was undertaken in the late 1970s to inventory archeological sites throughout the park. Accordingly, work was carried out in both the North (now Namekagon) and South (now Marshland) districts. The multi-year investigations began in 1976 through a contract with Commonwealth Associates, Inc. Their initial efforts located, and gave preliminary evaluations of significance for, 77 distinct archeological sites (Commonwealth 1977).

Companies should commit to the highest environmental symptoms tracker discount 200mg quetiapine otc, social symptoms bacterial vaginosis buy quetiapine paypal, and human rights standards symptoms 7 weeks pregnancy generic quetiapine 200mg free shipping, and to sustainable development medications that cause dry mouth buy generic quetiapine 300mg. Governments and international organizations should promote an upward harmonization of standards to support sustainable development. In addition to asserting authority to approve all natural resource licenses and contracts, African legislatures can enhance layered oversight by spreading responsibility over natural resource governance across multiple committees. Some African parliaments have deftly used the tools at their disposal to enhance transparency and accountability. African parliaments should mandate such committees to conduct annual evaluations of stateowned oil and mining companies as applicable. As one analyst noted, by itself "a complex audit report, posted on the internet in developing countries where frequently less than 20% have reliable internet access, using sophisticated language and analysis in countries which often have significant levels of illiteracy, is unlikely to mobilize the citizenry in a broad and meaningful way. These organizations play an indispensable watchdog function by revealing graft and abuses of public office and serve as a deterrent against corruption. While journalists in many African states are hindered by resource limitations and deficient technical understanding of the extractive industries, several states have gone to great lengths to include journalists and civil society organizations in deliberations about the management of natural resources. Ghana provides an example of effective civil society engagement in the natural resource sector. Since 2010, Ghanaian civil society organizations and journalists have held an annual review of the natural resources and environment sector to discuss and debate key issues. This sort of mechanism allows society at large to remain informed about key issues in the extractive industries and provides a means for concerns to be articulated and broadcast to citizens. It has thus been an important vehicle for fostering dialogue about reform in many member states. By temporarily breaking down established patronage-based exclusionary power structures, political transitions represent vital windows of opportunity for pushing through meaningful reforms in the natural resource sector. If a course correction is not made at an early stage, the old patterns of corruption and unaccountability will reassert themselves. Reformers must similarly be prepared to sustain their push for reform since establishing these new oversight institutions will take time and face inevitable pushback. Citizens of resource-rich countries can often have high expectations of new governments- especially in postconflict situations. Corrections from such reviews can rebalance egregiously detrimental contract terms for the public. The prospect of such reviews can also signal to unscrupulous investors that contracts signed with illegitimate governments, especially coup makers, will face a steep risk premium. However, contract review processes can be derailed and co-opted by opportunistic "reform spoilers," who seek to profit from a shakeup of the mining sector. To safeguard against these abuses, the review process should involve independent, technically proficient, nonprofit organizations to ensure the process is undertaken fairly and systematically. By making such reviews as predictable and transparent as possible, this approach would unshackle newly democratizing countries from the damaging effects of inequitable contracts while easing the anxiety of legitimate investors. Recovering assets looted by previous regimes is another priority for newly elected leaders. The process of tracing, freezing, and repatriating the proceeds of corruption is costly and time consuming, however, and governments seeking to recover looted assets face immense technical, legal, and political challenges. On numerous occasions, for example, senior Angolan officials have vowed to reform Sonangol and increase government transparency. Meanwhile, senior military and government officials have been able to secretly hold stakes in oil and mining ventures and withhold statistics about government expenditure. In short, citizens and international bodies must scrutinize the promises and commitments made by political leaders to ensure that announced reforms ultimately translate into improved governance. Enhancing Regulation and Oversight in Countries of Origin Given the challenges associated with building accountability mechanisms in many resource-rich states, the responsibilities of home-country governments to regulate the overseas activities of investors anchored in their territory is especially vital to breaking the cycle of the resource curse. All countries should pass laws prohibiting citizens from engaging in corruption overseas. Specifically, governments must safeguard the integrity of agencies tasked with enforcing foreign corrupt practices legislation by ensuring that they receive adequate funding and are shielded from political influence.

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Increased rainfall holistic medicine 100 mg quetiapine overnight delivery, ongoing flooding medications narcolepsy purchase quetiapine visa, and accompanying landslides have resulted in many deaths and damage to housing in the most vulnerable sectors of the city treatment 11mm kidney stone buy cheap quetiapine 300mg online. Rising temperatures have created harsher conditions medicine in the middle ages cheap quetiapine 100 mg without prescription, particularly affecting the agricultural sector. The city also faces mobility challenges due to scattered and uncontrolled urban sprawl. In 2017, the city established a resilience strategy based on broad consultations with stakeholders. The city intends to conduct an international tender to attract private sector investment to construct eco-efficient buildings, and thereby attract economic activity, in these nodes. For holistic urban resilience development to take shape, there is a need to focus on developing less attractive public spaces where resources are most scarce. Usually, these are the parts of the city where the most vulnerable populations live and where urban resilience development is needed most. In addition to transit-oriented development and agriculture, the city is focused on establishing special development zones near the Quito airport to create jobs by providing incentives to certain industries. In both projects, there are opportunities for private sector engagement and investment. Urban Climate Resilience 25 Semarang is a coastal city in Indonesia with both hilly areas and coastal plains. One of its most pressing concerns is water-the city experiences tidal flooding and flash floods. In recent years, flooding has intensified due to sea level rise, coastal erosion, and land subsidence. To help address these issues, Semarang developed a City Resilience Strategy in 2016. It focuses on encouraging sustainable energy and water management practices, integrated mobility, preparedness for disaster and disease outbreaks, new economic opportunities, transparent public information and governance, and competitive human resources. Some of these projects, such as urban farming, integrate a gender component to ensure women are involved in these "To continue moving climate action forward, Semarang looks to the national level government to put relevant policies in place. The city also needs to think about urban climate resilience more practically and transfer these concepts and know-how to the related agencies and local communities to achieve enhanced impact. The city is raising awareness about climate resilience within the public and private sectors, and among local communities. Most of the projects under way are largely funded by the city through provincial and national budgets, as well as donor agencies and universities. This presents an opportunity for national government policies to encourage private investment in climate-smart projects. The first of its kind in the country, the trust includes multiple stakeholders, including elected officials and public sector representatives. The trust developed an Urban Resilience Strategy, with a focus on water, mobility, affordable housing, and economic and social resilience. Projects implemented under the strategy range in size from a few thousand rupees to $180 million. To date, financing for these projects has been dependent mainly on local and central government funds. But there are potential opportunities for the private sector in water, solid waste management, and affordable housing. For example, it takes 1 billion liters of water each day to produce 40 million meters of synthetic fabric. To bridge the gap in water supply, private companies are invited by tender to set up tertiary treatment plants. The Surat Municipal Corporation is conducting an audit, which, once complete, will inform an enforcement policy that may include tax incentives and concessional pricing. An aquifer mapping was recently completed to identify site construction for French wells, which "Any type of resilience project will have to hit multiple birds with a single stone.

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The free e-learning program is designed to teach clinicians how to care for survivors of adult-onset cancers medicine cabinet with lights buy discount quetiapine line. One of the informational tools we offer caregivers is our Caregiver Resource Guide symptoms hiatal hernia purchase quetiapine with paypal, which can help them: learn to care for themselves as a caregiver symptoms endometriosis generic quetiapine 100 mg free shipping, better understand what their loved one is going through symptoms in early pregnancy purchase 50 mg quetiapine mastercard, develop skills for coping and caring, and take steps to help protect their own health and well-being. Help navigating the health care system Learning how to navigate the cancer journey and the health care system can be overwhelming for anyone, but it is particularly difficult for those who are medically underserved, those who experience language or health literacy barriers, and those with limited resources. Programs and services Survivorship: American Cancer Society survivorship work aims to help people living with and beyond cancer from diagnosis through long-term survivorship to the end of life. Efforts focus on helping survivors understand and access treatment; manage their ongoing physical, psychosocial, and functional problems; and engage in healthy behaviors to optimize their wellness. Our posttreatment survivorship care guidelines are designed to promote survivor healthiness and quality of life by facilitating the delivery of high-quality, comprehensive, coordinated clinical follow-up care. Through the National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center, a collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the George Washington University Cancer Breast cancer support the American Cancer Society Reach To Recovery program connects trained volunteers with breast cancer patients to provide peer-to-peer support on everything from practical and emotional issues to helping them cope with their disease, treatment, and long-term survivorship issues. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2019-2020 27 Finding hope and inspiration Women with breast cancer and their loved ones do not have to face their experience alone. The American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network provides a safe online connection where cancer patients and caregivers can find others with similar experiences and interests. Other online resources, including Springboard Beyond Cancer and Belong, provide additional support for patients, survivors, and caregivers and allow them to better communicate to receive the help they need during and after cancer. Support after treatment the end of breast cancer treatment does not mean the end of a cancer journey. Cancer survivors may experience long-term or late effects resulting from the disease or its treatment. The Life After Treatment: the Next Chapter in Your Survivorship Journey guide may help cancer survivors as they begin the next phase of their journey. The American Cancer Society also has a follow-up care guideline for breast cancer survivors that builds upon available evidence, surveillance guidelines, and standard clinical practice and is designed to facilitate the provision of high-quality, standardized, clinical care by primary care providers. Transportation to treatment Lack of transportation can be one of the biggest roadblocks to treatment. It is at the very heart of our work of removing barriers to quality health care by providing patients transportation to treatment through volunteer drivers, partners, or community organizations. Our funded research has led to the development of potentially lifesaving breast cancer drugs such as tamoxifen and Herceptin, as well as improved understanding of genes linked to breast cancer. Ongoing research studies span the cancer continuum from prevention and early detection to treatment and beyond. As of August 1, 2019, the American Cancer Society is funding more than $67 million in breast cancer research through 162 research and training grants. More than just a roof over their heads, it is a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. Through our Hotel Partners Program, we also partner with local hotels across the country to provide free or discounted lodging for patients and their caregivers who are not able to make frequent trips for treatment appointments. Hair-loss and mastectomy products the American Cancer Society "tlc" Tender Loving Care publication offers affordable hair loss and mastectomy products for women coping with cancer, as well as advice on how to use those products. Products include wigs, hairpieces, hats, turbans and breast forms, as well as mastectomy bras, camisoles, and swimwear. When female participants are diagnosed with breast cancer, consent is requested to bank tumor tissue specimens to better understand differences in risk and prognostic factors by molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this successful program provides community-based breast and cervical cancer screenings to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women. Women who are uninsured are much less likely to be screened for cervical and breast cancer than those who are insured. Unfortunately, only one in 10 eligible women can be served by the program due to lack of federal and state funding.

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